Workshop Overview

Doing Well By Doing Good

Below is a sample of a BRI workshop (We tailor our workshops to your needs):

Overview and Key Ideas
Transforming the workplace by adding humanity to the bottom line.

As demonstrated by multiple successful performers of this practice
(e.g.: Tom's of Maine, Herman Miller, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Medtronic, Hewlett-Packard):

  • Greater understanding and acceptance of all members of the workforce
  • Enhanced experience of belonging, interconnectedness, and trust
  • Increased personal fulfillment through meaningful work
  • Heightened team performance and consequential organizational excellence
  • Positive, rewarding work environment
  • Continuous organizational transformation and renewal
  • Solid understanding of what workplace fulfillment means
  • Awareness of vital themes in the new workplace
  • Learning to do well by doing good
  • Understanding the link between workplace fulfillment and profitability
  • Helpful resources on latest developments in the field of workplace fulfillment
Workshop Outline
Part 1: Business Renaissance
  • Updates on research findings - Dr. Joan Marques
  • Metaphors and Stories - Dr. Satinder Dhiman
  • Applicability of the renaissance mindset in today's corporate environment - Dr. Richard King

Part 2: Formulating personal vision and meaning
  • Questions to the presenters' panel
  • Soul Searching exercise
  • Submission individual forms
  • Team discussion (narrowing the most important behaviors to 5 per group)
  • Presentations of team findings

Part 3: Interaction

  • Video presentation of authentic leaders
  • Team discussions regarding common characteristics of portrayed leaders.
  • Presentations of team findings
  • Evaluation
  • End remarks

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