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Brent, Hey my angel. It is me, your sister.
Words cannot begin to describe how much I miss you.
There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you.
You were the best big brother any little sister could ask for.
Every year when it gets time for my birthday to come around
I get depressed because they are just not the same without you.
You were a very special person, not to just me, but to a lot of people.
I will never forgive Robbie for taking you away from me.
I would give anything to see you just one last time.
I love and miss you very much.
Please watch over me always.
Love, your little sister,

~Brandee Rachelle Peek~

Brent & Brandee were three years and three days apart. His birthday is April 20th and hers is April 23rd. They always had their birthday together. Brandee's birthday will never be the same. This picture is of Brent & Brandee's last birthday together. (His 17th & her 14th) This was taken on Sunday, April 26, 1998, just two short weeks before his death.

Brandee & Brent, April 1998


Brent, My Angel

In Heaven above my brother, Brent Peek, watches over me. He is my guardian angel. He's 6'1, skinny, with brown hair. Once he tried to dye his hair, but it came out orange and everyone called him "Big Bird." He had this great sense of humor. He could make you smile on your worst day. He had the bluest eyes. They could make you melt. His favorite saying was, "That's my dog," and he would say it with his deep voice. I remember wrestling on the floor; he would always win. He should have been a basketball player because he was so tall and he was pretty good at it too. Brent died when he was 17, on May 9, 1998. His outgoing personality and beautiful smile will never be forgotten. He was a great, cute and respectful person.

This was written by Brandee in her Junior English class as a writing assignment.

My Blue Eyed Brother

Brent, I still miss your eyes & smile
But I know I'll see you again,
Who knows, it might be in a short while.

I can never replace you with another
Because there will never be
My beautiful blue eyed brother.

The angels probably rejoiced seeing your face
Now you are an angel
In a whole lot better place.

You are so very far away
But in my heart you will stay.

Brent, there will never be another you
As a friend or brother
My love for you is always true!

Brandee, 1998

Why did they decide
To drive into town?
The consequences were deadly
Because now Brent is in the ground.

Why didn't they think twice
Before they got into that car?
Now that young boys blood
Is lying all over the tar.

The oldest boy was driving
Because he thought he was fine
But to this day, I bet he asks God
Why did you take his life instead of mine?

He was just a kid
He was so young
No one ever thought he would get killed
They just wanted to have fun.

And as the phone rang
So very late that night
The boy's little sister knew
That something was not right.

They waited in the room
For some news about their loved one.
And at that moment a man walked in
He said, "Have you heard about your son?"

His little sister said
"Mom is Brent really dead?"
Her mon replied to her
"That's what the man said."

So as the boys family stood there
In all the grief and sorrow
They wondered how they could go on
and continue with tomorrow

So through Brent's death
It changed the life of some
Because you don't know what could happen
If tomorrow never comes.

In Memory of Brent Thomas Peek
This was written for Brandee by her friend Kayla Ard.
Kayla's brother Dustin was also a friend of Brent's & one of his pallbearers.

Music Selection: I'll Be Your Angel