• We Are currently experimenting with "SHOUTcasting" A way to broadcast live streaming media to the world at any speed connection, the only drawbacks of this are that we cannot support more than 20 users on our SHOUTcast station at once, and we can only broadcast at 24 kbps. Click Here to sample our shoutcasting, or Click Here I'm not sure which one to click, but i think one of them worx.Winamp Media Player version 2.x (NOT VERSION 3) is required to listen to shoutcasting.

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    <<>> The Best thing we can do right now is give you 8-10 songs a day, 4-5 for each 12 hours, I would run this thing like a real radio station(it will be much better once switched to shoutcast), only I can't afford the webspace it takes to upload a heep of 1000 mp3s onto the web and have them play in random rotation, i will be switching off the songs as often as i can but with only 20 megabytes of webspace i can only fit three or four songs on the site at one time, If you would like to help us and make a donation so that we can purchase more bandwidth and webspace it would be much appreciated, just Send me an E-mail and i'll reply to you within one business day, there's some very special perks involved for those who wish to donate... <<>>