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Britt's blog.. o.O;
Wednesday, 12 May 2004
test results
Paranoid:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

Posted by la3/banddncr132 at 2:05 PM
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Wednesday, 28 April 2004
wheee..... hehe ;p
listening to: Lynyrd Skynyrd "Sweet Home Alabama"
time: 4:15pm
feeling: nervous

ok.. well.. to sum up the past two days.. ive been getting fussed at. for stupid reasons, ofcourse, but still. its bothering me. um.. today we held band elections for officers.. i ran for sophomore rep but im positive brennen'll get it.

um.. im going friday to the honors banquet and after im going to the fair.. if ya wanna meet us out there.. call me about it ;] oh yea.. im takin a sexy man to the banquet. hey noop[sta] :)

um.. happy belated bday jennifer!!

ok.. this is short and sweet.. lata.

Posted by la3/banddncr132 at 10:07 AM
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Monday, 26 April 2004
whee.. its been a while.
listening to: Switchfoot's "Meant to Live"
feeling: blah.. but its all good.
time: 7:35pm

well what's happened to my life for the past few weeks? i dont know how to wrap it all up into one.. besides.. if i post on here it might get taken to school and i might get in adapt! um.. lets see..

certain situations WONT stop.. and its bugging the hell out of me.. i cant handle this anymore. gettin played and gettin my hopes up just to be crushed really sucks. i cant handle that anymore..

but for the past few weeks.. ive been getting better.. i've been hanging out more and more with my blonde, rach.. and two guys from across the river which are really cool. so i wanna thank you two guys for making the past um.. like two weeks of my life actually enjoyable.. i havent had much fun in a few months. but now.. its all cool. thanks noop and ross :)

um.. what else.. i want to apologize to all of my close friends.. online and off.. if ive been on the edge lately or really not talkative.. because all this shit has gotta stop and it pisses me off.. if you havent noticed. but um, yeah.

for my problem after friday.. i wanna thank josh smith and josh carmouche.. thanks you guys.. i never really thought of you two as mentors ;)

brennen.. i love you so much stay my sexy boy ok? and yea.. thanks for helpin me too and making me feel better.

rach- oh gosh.. what can i say.. sorry if ive been a little out there lately.. but thanks for sticking by my side and helping me through everything. by everything.. i mean everything. i havent had as good of a friend like you in a while.. just keep my secrets, ok? ;]

chibs.. wow.. im back now.. and I LUFF YOU! lol.

jenn.. whee.. my cow.. i need some milk, get over here!

id love to know how this turned more into shoutouts.. but who gives a shit. im just very thankful for my friends.. im going now.. but the person whom these following lyrics are for.. knows who he is.

now listening to: Evanescence, "My Immortal"

I'm so tired of being here
Suppresed by all my childish fears.
If you have to leave i wish that you would just leave
because your presence still lingers here
and it wont leave me alone
these wounds wont seem to heal
this pain is just so real
there's just too much that time cannot erase.

Posted by la3/banddncr132 at 1:24 PM
Updated: Monday, 26 April 2004 1:26 PM
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Monday, 15 March 2004
oh my gosh..
Listening to: "Someday" by Vince Gill
Feeling: *bleh*
Time: 5:51pm
Talkin to: no one

OK, i havent blogged in almost forever. things new.. uhm.. me and ed arent together anymore, just friends. gabby and cody are goin out again.. rach and jake.. lol. josh is havin some probs because of a livejournal.. kinda ticks me off.. but im not going to get into it.

just some random shoutout things-
i support you josh.. im here for yah ;)
ed, you're my friend forever
rachel.. i love you like you dont know what!!
chibs- im sorry for not bein here much.. it'll get better soon!

the winter drumline got 4th Saturday.. i know that was random.. but whee! yep yep.. i wanna say good luck to Destra and the drumline on their next competition! w00t.

im bored now.. so toodles!


[now listening to: "I like the way you move" by Outkast]

Posted by la3/banddncr132 at 12:53 PM
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Monday, 26 January 2004
ooh.. havent blogged in forever!!
Listening to: Tim McGraw, "When the wind blows by"
Talking to: Ed, Chibs and Angel
Feeling: [too lazy to get imood thing so im feeling] HAPPY, EXCITED, LOVING!! lol XD

Wow, i havent blogged in forever! What's up guys? Hehe, nothin really here ;) or.. well.. maybe :-D well.. ok nothings really happened.

shoutout type things..

ed's cool! hehe. gl with kerry gabby! rachel, just tell him you wanna go! naomi- i luv yah.. forget guys. theyre idiots! [believe me, i know] who am i forgetting? o_O i know im forgetting someone.. lol.

ed's mah boi.. gabbys mah girl and rachel is MY BLONDE!!! :-D

well im going, i luff all of you ;)

- Britt

Posted by la3/banddncr132 at 1:23 PM
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Thursday, 8 January 2004
I GOT A PLUSHIE!! omg thank you soo much Chibs.. and thanks for the wardrobe for it ;D *muah!* i luff yooooo!!

I got to sit and uh.. talk to Ed at lunch today, whee. That was fun! Homework sucks, but hey.. that's obvious. I tutored Lacey a little with some of her math and stuff.. isn't it crazy? Me, who was like totally bad in math my entire life, actually helping someone. WOW! hehe, im bored.. can ya tell?

ive gotta go.. gotta go practice.. grr. But uh.. if anyone needs me for anything.. anytime, whatever.. just call me! I get a lotta calls but uh.. im still always bored. XD

luff yoo guys!

- Britt

*HUGGLES PLUSHIE!!!!* whee. sorry, hyper. :D

Listening to: a creed song
Feeling: happy and excited
Talking to: Chibi and people on the tag board of BC.

Posted by la3/banddncr132 at 4:13 PM
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Tuesday, 6 January 2004
school starts again >__<
Ok, well.. school started yesterday.. all new classes. damn. this sucks in a way. k.. heres my schedule! w00t.

1- ROTC- Webb
2- Civics- Bertrand
3- Band- Toups
4- English- Hebert

ahh.. yeah, well, atleast i've got like.. the comfort of being around people i know.. whee! hehe.

uhm.. only thing new about today & yesterday is that i got to see this girl that i havent seen in like 6 years.. she goes to HMS now.. 7th grade. She's really cool and people shouldn't diss her! :-D

anyway, uh, ive gotta go. homework sucks. :(


Posted by la3/banddncr132 at 10:26 AM
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Sunday, 4 January 2004
oh goodness im late ;D
Listening to: Alan Jackson, "Remember When" [thats got the most beautiful music i think i've ever heard on a country song]
Feeling: [o god i gotta go get my link thingy for imood, lol. im feeling.. rather.. happy?]
Time: 12:30pm

Ok, well.. this post is for yesterday! I just uh.. forgot to blog.

I've been working like nonstop on the website that i want to uh.. actually win with the band and all. hehe, yea.. you can see it... here. It kind sucks but im sure the more i keep messin with it, the better it'll be. hehe.

oh yeah, thanks matt for some more hosting since your server is back up and all! ^_^

josh, woohoo, thanks for yesterday.. haha that was funny. :D

ok.. well.. it's 12:35pm but this is yesterdays blog.. o_O i might blog later.

Posted by la3/banddncr132 at 7:28 AM
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Friday, 2 January 2004
suckaaaaaas XD
Listenin to: ZZTop, "Legs"
woohoo tonight was fun. got to go to new orleans, see some hott hawaii guys that.. ARE IN BAND. haha aint it awesome? Anyway.. i just had to see toups.. >_< i was doing great away from him, lol. but he was cool and all.. hadda watch his two munchkins while he went inside.. but, hey, i feel a bigger sense of pride for the band.. gettin to recognized.. woohoo. even tho i am a freshie, lol. ok.. well.. toodles. [thats all.. my blog from earlier..]

Listening to: Walton & Johnson in the mornin
Talking to: no one. everyones sleepin
Feeling: The current mood of at

hehe.. 9:05am.. blogging only because i wont be here tonight. Gotta go get my books at school.. oh crap walton and johnson are so wrong.. yet cool and funny!! arg.. lol. anyway, im not going to be home.. i got grounded.. kinda anyway. oh well.. last night was fun anyway.. got to talk to a lotsa people i havent talked to in a while.. and talk to a lot that i love talkin to. tell me if this guy isnt sexy to you
Josh: i feel such a close connection to that blog for a strange ass reason

LeggoSpicey: all hail king josh
LeggoSpicey: o_O
Josh: YES
Josh: all are subject to King Joshua's WRATH!
Josh: er.......sorry.... :-\

LOL.. im sorry, i find that hilarious josh. and majorly sexy.. ;D haha. but um, yeah.

this is a long enough blog. uh.. luvsh yah ^_^

Posted by la3/banddncr132 at 4:12 AM
Updated: Friday, 2 January 2004 4:22 PM
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Thursday, 1 January 2004
Listening to: Linkin Park, "Crawling"
Talking to: Chibs
Feeling: The current mood of at

...blogging again. hehe. it's 9:35 at the time im writing this again..

nothing interesting at all today.. i feel majorly guilty and don't know what to do with myself for it. He probably doesn't even know that during this entire time i was talking 'bout him.. but i mean.. i dunno. i really didnt hate him.. [well i did in a way]. i hated how sometimes he'd treat me like im cool.. sometimes like im shit. i didnt know how to handle it.. so i wrote stuff in my profile and didnt talk as much. over these holidays.. i've changed. im not sure how.. but im different.. i can tell.

well.. if you know im talkin about you, im sorry. i know you haven't really treated me any differently, and i dont want you to. you've been one of the best things that's happened in my life.. i want to thank you.. even if you dont know it.

uh yea.. i got really depressed/upset now.. im going.

earlier today..

Well.. im uh.. woohoo my first blog! my first post in my first blog! lol XD

Uh.. bored. Nothing interesting yet today.. atho its only like 12:25. Uh.. yea. Made part of the band site yesterday.. im so lost now its not funny. 1. i hate making buttons, 2. uh.. i cant do it!!! argh.. :(

i'll add more......... later when somethin interesting happens.

oh yea.. i will be making a blog layout myself instead of using this lame angelfire one.. ;D

Posted by la3/banddncr132 at 7:18 AM
Updated: Thursday, 1 January 2004 4:38 PM
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