Pokemon yellow

Pokemon Yellow:this game is like the red and blue versions but instead of getting Charamander,Bulbasaur,or Squirtle you get a pikachu.Your rival,Gary Oak,gets a Eevee.After you get your Pikachu you have to fight Gary.His eevee is pretty easy. If you win your Pikachu grows a level.You cannot evolve your Pikachu into Raichu. If you put a thunder stone on him it says no while shaking it's head.When you look at your pikachu it will show his face.You tell what kind of mood he is in by his face. There is a house on the yellow version that is not on the blue or read versions.It is a house where you can play a game if you have surfing pikachu.You cannot teach the surf move to pikachu so how do you get it?You either upload youe pikachu into pokemon stadium and beat it with him or put in a GameShark code.I am not exactly sure what game you play inside the house.This a cool game with the pikachu follow- ing you around everywhere.The game is worth your money if you payed $25 or less.