Star Wars:Masters of teras kasi

Star Wars Masters of teras kasi:This a good game.not the best,but pretty good.A star wars fighting game.Each player already has a weapon equiped to him.You fight in one player modes survive,some thing where you get 4 people,Arcade(regular) and two player were you get the 4 player thing and arcade.You can win people like Storm Trooper and Darth Vader,Jodo Kast,and some girl(i forgot her name).When you play with arcade with somebody besides Darth Vader at the end you have to fight Darth Vader(which is hard).If you play with Darth Vader and make it to the last person you have to fight that girl(she has a lightsaber like Darth Vader). Each person has a different face you can pick(ex:Luke Shywalker has his regular face and his glowing green face,a different suit,and a different Light Saber.One of my favorite people to pick is Chewbacca.He is large and has good defence.He also has a good move were he picks up his opponents head and keeps throwing him into the ground over his back.Each player has a special person and when wins a match says something.Each person has two different sayings(ex:Darth Vader,"the force was not strong with this one" as he points his Light Saber at his defeated opponent.I would say this game is well worth your money but i don't what you payed for it.I payed about $25-$30.If you payed higher you got ripped off.