Reel Fishing

Reel Fishing:Cool game.The best fishing game i've ever played(on playstation). There is 8 different kinds of figh you can catch.You cat them all in defferent spots except for Bass and Bluegill wich are caught in the lake.The 8 fish are:1-trout 2-char 3-bitterling 4-carp 5-Bass 6-bluegill 7-cutthrought trout 8-salmon. Salmon are the hardest fish to catch.After you catch one salmon you have beat the game but you don't get a chance to try to catch a salmon until the end of the game.To get to the end of the game you have to catch every kind of fish either a certain number of times or a certain size.After you do this each time it tells you get a new lisence and so on until you get your second lisence.When you get it you do the thing over again except this time harder.On the second lisence you do all the thing needed until you get to the last one.The fishing master will tell you that if you catch a slamon you will be the new fishing master.You catch a salmon and you win.Some other features of the game include keeping your own fish that you catch in fish tanks to make them get bigger(when your fish get bigger it doesn't count the size it is now in the record book.You get to feed the fish and they can die.You try to beat records in the old book by catching larger fish and every fish you catch is recorded into the record book.This is a pretty cool game.Well worth your money.

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