Pokemon Red/Blue

Pokemon Red/Blue:This game is kinda old.I own the blue version.The game doesn't take a while to beat.It is easy after you play it a couple of times.You start out in the game without any pokemon.Yo try to walk off and Prof. Oak stops you and takes you to his lab.You get a pokemon and off you go.Your first battle is againts Gary Oak,your rival.If you win your pokemon wins it will grow a level.If it loses you probily need more practice.The battle is pretty easy.The game consists of going to town to town battling in gyms and getting bages.After you get all the bages,you go to the pokemon league.The object of the game is to get all 151 pokemon.there is like 11 pokemon you can only get on red and 11 you can only get on blue so you have to trade to get all of them.the 151st(mew) one you cannot get on either.you have to get a gameshark code for it or win a nintindo contest.