Oddworld:Abes Oddysee

Oddworld:Abes Oddysee.This game is about some little alien dude and and he works at this food factory.The leaders of the corporation are angery that the popularity of there food.They dicide to make a new kind of food.But un- fortunaly they're making it out of the workers!Abe finds out and runs for his life. Then the game begins...the object of the beginning of the game is to escape the factory and save all the other workers in it.The object of the middle of the game is master of the temples.The object of the middle of the game is to get back into the factory and save more workers...And defeat the leader of the factory.At the end of the game you get captured(you have to) and the leader ties and hangs you over a meat shredder.There is one guard guarding you.if you saved 50 or more workers a spirit will come and destroy the leader and guard and take you back to the temple were you will be praised my all the workers you saved.If you saved only 49 or less, you will see some workers around a fire talking saying things like"he just let us die!" and "he doesn't care about us".then they say"no,just let him die".then your droped into the shredder and your guts fly up everywhere.The leader and guards sit and laugh.If you saved all of the workers you see a speical video wich i will not tell you what it is because that would ruin the suprise.if you wnat to know try to save all the workers in the game.What ever you payed for in this game, you got your moneys worth.