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Road Rash:Jail Break.Okay game.Cost $20(where i got it).You drive around on bikes and race as in all the road rash series.This one you cannot bye bikes.They are auto- maticly given to you after comleting a level.You can a great number of weapens including chains,Boards,clubs,bats,that kind of stuff.You can go into multi-player mode or single player.In seingle player you have 3 options to play.JailBreak(racing), Your the cop,and Time Trial(you try to make racing records).In mult-player mode you have skull-to-skull(you and your other player race),Cops and Robbers(one person is the cop,other the biker who the cop has to catch),side car(you have some other dude on your bike and your partner have some other dude on there bike), co-op side car(you and your other player on the same bike) and time trials(you try to make time records racing).On the Jailbreak mode(sing player) you start out as a grunt and next Luitenet,then Captain,then beat Jailbreak.In the cop mode,you are something and then a potrolman,then a seargent,then beat the game.In time Trials you just keep going until you want to stop.This is a pretty cool game.Well worth your money.