Pokemon Gold/Silver

Pokemon Gold/Silver:This is the newest american GB pokemon game.The new gold/ silver versions have all 250 pokemon.You can get ho-ho and Lugia and all the new cool ones.This game is kinda easy.You go to town to town getting badges,but there are new cities on this game.On the Red/blue versoins,do you ever wonder where the S.S. anne sails to?Now you know!It sails to Johnto.You use the S.S. anne to get to the old world in the Red/Blue/Yellow versions.In this one Koga is now part of the pokemon league and his sister runs his Gym.Gary Oak runs Giovanni's old gym. All the other gyms are the same i think.Kogas island is WAY different.It is really small and there is no pokemon centers or anything.After you have collected all 16 badges you go to where the pokemon league used to be and go left.You come to a tunnel and you have to get through it.After that you find Ash in the tunnel!You have to fight him.He uses 6 pokemon.They are:Pikachu,Venasaur,Blastoise,Charizard,Snorlax,and some new psycic bird.These pokemon are pretty tough and hard to beat.You can probily beat him with 2 pokemon in the 80's and2 in the 70's and2 in the 50's.I beat him with a level 71 Lugia,51 ho-ho,50,snorlax,48 rapidash and couple other ones in the 50's.With them weak pokemon it was HARD.But i did it.:-).This game is well worth your money.If your not into pokemon you probily will not like it,but this is the game for all you pokèmaniacs!