Pokemon Crystal-The Newest version of the Pokemon Sega. Pokemon Gold is just the same as Gold/Silver except for minor changes. I guess you could say Crystal is to Gold/Silver as Yellow is to Red/Blue. Ok, new stuff in Crystal:first, now pokemon pictures in battles now move at the beginning. nothing big. They just might move there arm or kick there leg. Next new thing, the place where you get Honhou has now burned down!!! you go into it and now it is only one story. Get past the munks and stuff and you will find three or four munks(i cant remember which). Beat them and they'll let you pass. Then youll find the three mystical pokemon. Youll get to fight one for once at the very beginning. but youll probily lose. afterward they run freely, just like on Gold/Silver. im not exactly sure where Hon-Hou is on this one. Have fun with Poke Crystal =)