Centipede.A cool game.You are some little dork who gets pulled out of bed in the middle of night to save the world.They put you in this little space ship and your off to start the game.You can pick up speical weapans or just use your regular blaster.You can't run out of ammo with your regualr blaster but can with specials. There is alot of levels.At the last level you have to fight this big centipede called "the queen centipede".You have to blow off her segamants.Each time you blow one off you have a regualar centipede show up.You beat it then get another one of the queens segmants off.You do this until there is about 4 left.Then you win.There is two kinds of shields on this game.One that stays for about two minutes and another that stays till about 10 hits.There is a Ice level,Fire level,Swamp level,City levels,and others.The fire is hard because lava keeps coming up and trys to get you as you go along.Also if you fall in the lava your dead.What i don't like about this game is that you die after one hit(unless you have a sheild on).That is it for this game.I would say this game is with your money,but i don't know how much you payed for it.I payed $20.00.If you payed $20-$25 i would say it's worth your money. anything higher,i would say your wasting your money.