Asteroids:This game is not the best game in the world,more like a arcade game.You have a choice of 3 ships to pick(or 4 if you have beat the game in hard).Each one has a different amount of sheild/speed/aim.This game i were you just site there on a screen and shout asteroids and other ships.This game is pretty hard since the screen is so small and there is so many asteroids/ships.On the second or third mission there is a black hole that trys to suck you into it so you have to keep on moving.You can get special ammo and the enemys aren't pretty good.They are kinda hard and and easy all at the same time.Some cary asteroids with them so you have to destroy them before you can blow up the asteroids.Some everytime you try to shout an asteroid they shout you.When you get hit onnce your dead unless you have a sheild on.You get three continues.What really sux about this game is when you lose all of your men and you have to use a continue you could be on level 14 on that mission(there is 15 in one mission)and when you use continue you have to start on level one again.This game is kinda boring.If you pay more than $20.00 i say you got took.The game is not worth nothing above $20.00(probily not worth $20.00)i don't really like this game,but you dicide.