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F.M.K.'s Recreation

R.K, Eggman and all related characters (c) Sega
R.K.'s personality (c) Mecha Sonic 2 (Cuz I said so!)
Origanal Fleetway style Metal Knuckles (c) Egmont-Fleetway
F.M.K.'s personality (c) ME! ... I guess
Any other Character (c) Their respective owners

Authors note: Like most of my fanfics this is a cross between a few Sonicverses. Unlike most my fanfics, it starts out as a cross over and doesn't develop into one! The universes I'm using here are Metallix Asylum (A mix between Sega Sonic, fan made and probably some other Sonicverses) and Fleetway (That's only really for one character and some of the Metallix history mind you). It's a bit different from my usual fanfics because I was inspired to write it in Mecha's style. I might continue it if I like the first one, but I also have my Fleetway fanfics (Which is VERY long) and the much abandoned Sazamon to worry about (But not much about Sazamon ^.~). ...And now we begin my story of the wonderful world of Metallixes!

Time: 12:34, Location: Eggman Empire
Docter "Eggman" Robotnik created many great, and dangerous robots. But above all were his greatest and most dangerous creations, the Metallixes. Even a failed robot like Silver Sonic had given Eggman the technology, experience and knowledge to advance his badniks. Metal Sonic, the next design, had been called his deadlist creation, but Robo-Knux was also strong ... very strong!
With this in mind Eggman had tried to make a merge of the two (without them finding out of course), an ultimate Metallix. It was going to be perfect! With the cunning mind and death ray of Metal, and the physical strength of R.K. Eggman had tested this "ultimate Metallix" in a tornement against Sonic. But the result ... was not worth thinking about! The prototype had failed! Thus the plan for it to be made in mass numbers was scrapped! Eggman couldn't stand failure!And what became of the prototype you ask. It didn't matter to Eggman! It was only a mindless droid. Unlike Metal and R.K. it had not been given a personality. It was as mindless as the Tails Doll. Eggman stared down at the broken robot for what he thought would be the last time. There was a dent in the middle of its red body work which went almost right through it. The eyes, once the same deep red colour as Metal's, were now blank. A silver line went around the Metallix's head in a strange pattern, it almost looked like a crown. And its dreadlocks, which were the same length as Knuckles', lay lifeless around its face. At a first glance, you would think it had been designed as a copy of Knuckles, not a merge of Eggman's two best robots. But this was designed to be an advantage, because the opponent wouldn't expect it to be so powerful.
The docter pushed the broken badnik off the table and into a bag of rubbish. Now to find someone to take out the trash ...
"ROBO-KNUX!" Eggman screamed down the corridor. Another Metallix who looked like the Knuckles appeared. This one had been designed for racing, but compared to the crumpled heap it the bag this was what a true Metallix should look like.
R.K., as his friends called him looked up at his creator with a dull, bored expression.
"What?" he sighed.
Eggman shoved the bag into R.K.'s hands and said, in his most superior tone, "Take out this rubbish. And you say sir when you address me!"
"Yes sir!" R.K. smirked sarcastically. He walked off carrying the bin bag. It was quite heavy, he thought. For a second he wondered what Eggman could be throwing away, but then he decided not to bother thinking about it.
He reached one of the rubbish dumps which lay outside the building and opened the sack. He was looking away from the skip as he emptied the bag's contents into it. So he didn't see the robot fall out and get covered with old babana skins, potato peels and such like.
But the robot did see him. With it's last ounce of strength, it registered a picture of R.K. in it's memory unit. Then it's mind went blank ...
Time: 2:00pm, Location: Eggman Empire
A large dustbin wagon came roaring into the Eggman Empire dump. As the empire was so large there was a lot of rubbish to be collected. All day, everyday about ten trucks would come to the Eggman Empire and take the rubbish to be dumped in a river far from Eggman's sight. A horrible way to spoil the environment, but a brilliant way for the docter to get rid of his waste.
But unlike his army, the truck drivers were not robotic. For jobs like this Eggman used Mobians slaves. It wasn't worth making loads of robots to do the dirty work when he had hundreds of people at his command.
So the dustbin man began tipping the contents of the skip, with the broken Metallix, in into the wagon. It landed with a dull metal clunk amongst the other waste. As it happened there were hundreds of other scrapped badniks littered around the dump, but only the Metallix is of any importance at the moment. After a half an hour drive the wagon had reached the country, it emptied the rubbish into the river, which was clogged up with the Eggman Empire's waste. Then the wagon drove off, leaving the dirty river completely ungaurded.
By chance the Metallix had fallen on top of the other litter in an obvious place. And maybe also by chance a group of people were walking along the riverside. They were know as the Emerald Hunters. And although they lived on a remote island, they often came onto the mainland to see what was happening.
The small group of them that were travelling in the country consisted of Samantha Cybernik Cat, or Sam for short. She was a brown and white cat who dressed in blue and was metal from the waist down. Boney, a green hedgehog with black markings. Although Boney wasn't part of the Emerald Hunters he was usually found with them because of he had lost most of his memory of life before he came to their home island. And finally Dark Knux the Chao. A normal dark fighting chao with a baseball floating above his head instead of a chao ball.
Boney was the fisrt to spot the Metallix and pointed it out to the other two. They all climbed over the other rubbish that was blocking the river until they had reached it.
Sam bent down to investigate the metallic red object. "It looks like some sort of Mecha Bot," She said shifting one of the Metalix's dreadlocks from it's face, "I think it's that Metal Knuckles that was used in that tornament sometime ago. Eggman must have thrown it away."
As per usual Boney had a blank expression on his face, he knew what a Mecha Bot was, but he hated it when people went into detail about things like this. Dark Knux however was trying to pick up the Metallix. But it was way to heavy for the small chao.
"What are you doing?" Boney ask the chao, who was still tugging on the Metallix's arm.
Dark Knux looked up at him and said, "Dark Knux is trying to help the Metal Knuckles."
Sam picked up her chao forcing him to let go of the Metallix. "But it's broken D.K.," she told him.
"Dark Knux knows that," D.K. replied sulkily, "But if the Emerald Hunters found Metal Sonic in the river the Emeral Hunters would help, so Dark Knux should help the Metal Knuckles."
As it happen if the majority of the Emerald Hunters found Metal Sonic in the river they wouldn't help him, but D.K. was a large fan of Metal's, as well as Eggman's, and would not hear a word said against either of them.
So not wanting to start an arugment with her chao, Sam called Boney to help and they both carried the Metallix back to the Emerald Hunter Base. D.K. would probably find something more interesting soon and forget about it, they hoped.
Time: 12:00pm the next day, Location: The Emerald Hunter Base, Frog Zone Swamp
But D.K. don not forget about it. And his constant nagging, along with his refusal to return to the Chao Garden until the Metallix was working caused the Emerald Hunters to start work on fixing the Metallix. It was a week before the body work was in decent condition. After that came the fun part - programming! As it happened Sam hadn't programmed even a computer before, let alone a Mecha Bot, but she was up for the challenge.
As she turned on the Metallix's power a hollow metallic voice filled the room. It said, " I am Fleetway version Metal Knuckles. I am a prototype Mecha Bot deigned for close range combat."
"Hmm ..." Sam thought out loud, "That's a long name. I'll shorten it down a bit." So she deleted it and replaced it with a new nick name, F.M.K. She turned to look at another of her chao, Beni the Sonic Chao, who was sitting watching her while he drank some orange juice from a carton. "It's sounded like a boy," She told him, "So I'll tell the others to stop refering to him as an it. But the voice could be improved, you know, make it less metallic and more Mobian-like." And that became the basic idea for F.M.K., to make him less like a Mecha Bot and more like one of the Hunters. Over time most the Emerald Hunter took their fair turn at programming him and they grew to like the sleeping metallix. But for now Sam was having her turn. As she flicked though F.M.K.'s small memory she came across a few familiar faces-
Doctor "Eggman" Robotnik, who is master. Sam erased this and replaced it with, Eggman, enemy of Mobius. Sonic The Hedgehog, enemy of master and his death is wanted for my vengance. This suprised Sam, because F.M.K. had made a personal coment about Sonic after what Eggman had programmed into him. But it was good to know that he was able to learn about things for himself. She deleted this and typed in, Sonic The Hedgehog, hero of Mobius.
Miles "Tails" Prowler, Sonic's sidekick and the cause of my destruction, I will not forget this ... Because of the last few words, Sam decided to leave this in. Not because she hated Tails but because she thought that she owed F.M.K. this bit of privacy in the memory of his past life.
As she continued to search though the memory she came across a picture of R.K. with a question mark next to it. Sam went and asked her friend Su-Lin Cy-Bear about it. Su-Lin said that he was "that cool Metallix from the Grand Prix" and Dark Knux agreed with her. So that was what went into F.M.K.'s memory.
As well as rewriting the things that already existed in his memory the Hunters added new things. A picture of each Hunter and their pets were put in, along with a description of them. Other objects of importance, such as Dreamcasts and Sonic R, were written in.
Time: 3:00pm 2 and a 1/2 years later, Location: The Emerald Hunter Base, Frog Zone Swamp
It took a long time but eventually F.M.K. was finished. He had been improved in many ways. For a start his voice had been changed as requested. Instead of the empty metallic voice he once had, F.M.K. now had a smooth and young sounding voice. Also a mouth and metal eyelids were added so it would be easier to tell how he was feeling.
Finally it was time for him to be brought to life once more. Almost all of the Emerald Hunters were there. They all wanted to see this. Sam turned F.M.K. online ...
He opened his eyes, almost sleepily. Them he looked at the staring crowd, blinking a few times. They all seemed to be awestruck by his presence there.
"Umm ... hello ...," His first words seemed amaze them even more, "It's nice to meet you all ..."
One of the audience, who resembled Boney except that he had his black markings in different places and blue hair which looked like Yami Yugi's, however was not impressed. He looked toward Sam and said, "He has no attitude what so ever! I wanted a cool robot like the ones on Sonic R!"
Boney turned to face his alter ego, Yami Boney, and replied, "It'll take time! He'll develop an attitude once he's been around us lot," He sounded almost sulky about Yami's comment.
But all this was completely oblivious to F.M.K., who was plainly looking around the room taking in his surroundings.
Sure enough, in time he did develop a confused attitude. Although still polite, he could also be slightly stubborn, sarcastic and sometimes a bit insane. But as his attitude increased so did his curiousity. He began to flood the hunters with all kinds of questions, such as, "Why was I created?" and, "How come I look like that Metallix from the Grand Prix?" Some of these questions were difficult for them to answer and after about half a year it became apparent that he could not be kept in the base forever.
So it became the job of Sam and D.K. to show him around the outside world. F.M.K. was excited at the idea of going to new places and meeting new people. Eventually he might be able to go out on his own and even go to Eggman Land. There, he felt, some of his questions would be answered. Also F.M.K. wanted to find out more about "that cool Metallix from the Grand Prix", perhaps they were connected in some way. But for now he was happy just strolling across Sunny Island with his friends.
How does F.M.K.'s journey through the outside world turn out? Perhaps we'll find out ...