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The Hardee Family Georgia to Alabama to Louisiana and Texas If you have a website or a database for your own family, PLEASE get in touch with me. This page belongs to all of us. A link for your page and/or your e-mail will be added to this page so that others can get in touch with you too. John Ziba Hardee and Descendants If you are looking for the descendants of John Ziba Hardee's first marriage to Peggy Mitchell, or for the descendants of his second marriage to Tabitha Brooks, you have arrived. If you find a Hardee, you will likely find a Sirmon nearby. Please visit the home page of Bill and Marilyn Sirmon.

My father, T.L. "Buddy" Dykes, Jr., would have been thrilled beyond words to have found Bill and Marilyn's pages. Note: The Nathan Sirmon section of Known Descendants of John Ziba Hardee and Nathan Sirmon has been separated from the original manuscript and now can be found online on Bill Sirmon's site. The current book in print is Known Descendants of John Ziba Hardee, and includes the descendants of his second marriage. There are still a few of you missing from the genealogy book, so -

"phone (e-mail) home." To show you how important it is that you get in touch – since I put the Table of Contents for the new book online, TWO previously unresearched branches of the family have "checked in" and two errors have been corrected. So PLEASE, if you are a descendant of John Ziba Hardee, we are waiting for YOU. The information on the rest of this page concerns my own branch of the family. I will move it to its own page shortly, so please bare with me. Joel Hardee & Isabella Coker I am descended from John Hamp Hardee, the youngest child of Joel Hardee and Isabella Coker. However, their oldest child was Nathan Ziba "Dick" Hardee. "Dick" married Mary Susan Mixon. We have their descendants in Known Descendants of John Ziba Hardee, but there is a wonderful site online that has a GedCom file of Mary Susan Mixon's family that you can download. It belongs to Uncle Joe. Please take a look at this great site. John Hamp Hardee Grandmother’s father. William Wiley Brown Grandmother's Maternal Grandfather Thomas Walter Hardee & Ray Thomas If either of these is your name too, you might like to see the "originals." Thomas Walter Hardee, Jr. Thomas will forever be missed by all who knew and loved him. If you are a Hardee, you are at risk for coronary disease. Please see your physician often. T.W. Hardee Co.
Pleasant Hill, Sabine Parish, Louisiana. Well... here she is... Aunt Clara in 1917 Blanche Hardee Knott If you are a Hardee, you are at risk for diabetes. Grandmother had it. Daddy had it. Blanche had it. All three died of complications related to diabetes. Please see your physician regularly. Thomas Lee Dykes and Nina Estelle Hardee Grandmother and Granddaddy to whom all of our genealogical efforts are dedicated. Grandmother Nina Estelle Hardee The Sons of Tom and Nina Dykes The Shuford Family Dick and Jacque Dykes Shuford The Proposal Story Tom and Nina Webmaster: Carol Scott, 3-g-granddaughter of John Ziba Hardee.