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The Dykes Family

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The Dykes Family

Alabama to Sabine Parish, Louisiana

Includes links to Hardees and Crumps

Your hosts are the family of

Thomas Lee Dykes and Nina Estelle Hardee,

to whom all of our genealogical efforts
are dedicated.

The concept of "home" (for us) will
forever be interwoven with garden gates, white
organdy curtains, a wall of Seven Sisters roses,
a "sidewalk" of St. Augustine and crepe myrtles,
and a pecan tree planted on the day my father was
born. Yet, after all these years, it is our
gates we remember with the greatest fondness.

"Last one through - knows what to do..."

The Sons of Tom and Nina Dykes
Our Fathers and Mothers

Nina Estelle Hardee Dykes

The Shuford Family
Dick and Jacque Dykes Shuford

The Scott Family
Carol Ann Dykes Scott

The Hardee Family

The Proposal Story

Our Earliest Known Ancestors

David Dykes and Harriet McKinsey

If you are looking for the descendants of
David Dykes and Harriet McKinsey, please get in
touch with me. The files are in great shape now
and I will be glad to put you in touch with the
cousins you need to contact.

We are still looking for the parents of
David Dykes and Harriet McKinsey. Can you help?
I am especially interested in ANY information
about the seven McKinsey brothers who "died
with their boots on."

Levi Thomas Dykes

Granddaddy's father

Please visit

The D.L. Dykes Foundation.

Each of the sermons at the bottom of the page
is remarkable. We are very proud of D.L. and of
his accomplishments. We are also proud of the
manner in which his wife and son are carrying
on his work. Please read the link to the
Shreveport Journal's article about D.L..

Hardee/Dykes Pictures from the Past

Corrections to Errors found Online

No - David Dykes did not marry Lizzy Carter
after Harriet died. David only survived Harriet
a little more than a year and lived all of that
time in the home of his youngest son, Levi Thomas
Dykes - my g-grandfather. It was David's grandson
(David Floyd Dykes - son of James DeLeslie Dykes)
who married Lizzy Carter.

No - Levi Thomas Dykes and Alice S. Crump were
not born in Barbour County, AL; nor did they live
and die there. Levi Thomas Dykes was born in
Alabama, we do not know where, and brought to
Louisiana at the age of four. We do know that
Alice Crump's parents were from from Alabama but,
they married in Natchitoches Parish and Alice
lived her entire life within about 20 miles of
Pleasant Hill, LA.

Sabine Parish, Louisiana

This is the home page of our Dykes/Crump/Durr cousin

Carl Dilbeck.

It is an extensive project that should be the
starting place for anyone looking for roots in
Sabine Parish.

Carl has our Dykes and Crump Databases online.

Samuel D Crump and Elizabeth Varnon

The pictures above belong to Marvel Crump Phillips.
She is just wonderful and the pictures are
deeply appreciated.

Samuel and Elizabeth are the parents of Alice Strother Crump.
Alice and Levi Thomas Dykes are Granddaddy's parents.

Granddaddy's sister (Alice Obedience Dykes -
"Beadie") was named after their mother, Alice
Strother Crump, and their mom's sister, Obedience
Crump Winn. Please visit Rod Hendrick's Database.
Rod is a descendant of Obedience Crump Winn.

Although Ed Crump is not related to us, he is
a wonderful genealogist and has done extensive
work on our Crump family. Please visit his database:
The Crumps of Natchitoches Parish

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Family Genealogist

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