Midnite Cowboy

Fireside chats of Butch Cassidy, Born on a Bayou from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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My outlaw years as Butch Cassidy, my photo, my daughter, my momma, my momma's store, the blueberry farm, my elsie, my poetry, my novel, my backache, lost daughter Erin Whitlow, found money Granville Harrison, my environmental job, photos, fun

Everything you want to know about Butch Cassidy, the Midnite Cowboy. And some of the things you didn't really want to know. Photos, bio and more.. Also my family and friends.



Redwood Creek Blueberry Farm, tomatoes, peas, sweet corn, pumpkins, water melon, hay rides, boy scout, girl scouts, maps, Baton Rouge, Wildlife, cows, aliens

Blueberries, are good for you, and fun to pick. Come to Redwood Creek Farm and spend the day.



Duke Andrepont, Opelousas Daily World, Offset press, My grandfather, Roddy White, Daddy's story about Bonnie and Clyde, Tiffany Binkley ran over at Mardi Gras, Don Binkley shot while deer hunting

My heroes ain't always been cowboys/Tributes to little known American Heroes     


Louisiana , Baton Rouge, and Mardi Gras


highway 61, bob dylan, natchez mississippi, saint francisville, baton rouge, mark twain, plantation houses, mississippi river photos, louisiana gardens photos, lake bistineau photos,

Scenic Louisiana

Cajun and Louisiana Favorites pages Cajun cooking, red-beans and rice, Creole cooking


History, outlaws, gangsters, cops and robbers, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids, Bonnie and Clyde, World War 2, a soldier's letters home, duck stamp collection, my grandfather, hunting liscense collection, Duke Andrepont, Opelousas Daily World, founder of off-set press, Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer, Huck Fin

History, and Social Studies, Early 1900s American and Louisiana history


Boudreaux jokes, alien jokes, female wanted by millionaire, horticulture jokes, my poetry the shades of night were falling fast, an English nudist camp, funny photos, jello, gun control-a satire, nothing from nothing, no legged squirrel dog, funny deer hunting photos, california girls, mature jokes

Humor, jokes, funny stories        


a soldier's actual letters home from world war 2, waltzing matilda, and the band played waltzing matilda, eric bogle, john lennon, imagine, american civil war, american civil war photos

War And Peace pages           


environment, head lice, adoption, murder, discipline, parenting, gun control, crime, drugs, hurricane, rubin carter, louisiana smoke school

Today's social issues (head lice, murder, criminal injustice, death sentence, adoption, abortion, environment, gun control, discipline, parenting.

  Wildlife and Fisheries       


aliens invade baton rouge, boudreau and aliens at the gas pump

Aliens,UFOs, space ships and dogs  


American unsung heroes, bonnie and clyde, my daddy, duke andrepont, founder of opelousas daily world, off-set press, the life and times of my grandfather, my cousin ran over at mardi gras, tiffany binkley, my cousin shot while deer hunting, don binkly

Tragic touching stories about real everyday people I have known


antiques, collectibles, furniture, fleamarket, second hand store

Momma's antique and junk store, buy or sell something here


sports, fishing, LSU baseball and football, live coverage, my novel about fishing and baseball, roger maris, mickey mantle dizzy dean are in this novel This novel is about Louisiana Fishing, Baseball, Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, Dizzy Dean, Little League Baseball, John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Lousiana Farm and Rural life

Baseball, Football, Sports    

LSU Wins the College World Series

the movie i was in, The Old Man, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Gone With the Wind



music wav and midi files, music lyrics, john prime, inspite of ourselves, wedding bells ringing in the chappel, jerry lee lewis, take the ribbons from your hair, khris kristofferson, ronnie milsap, cajun zydeco, hank williams, LSU Sports broadcasts, Walton and Johnson, national public radio, a prairie home companion, garrison keiler, click and clack the tappit brothers, car talk, little richard, arlow guthry, alices restaurant, you can get anything you want, play it again sam, eric clapton sound wavs, the greatful dead,

Music, Wav files, lyrics, midi files, sound files, live coverage of LSU Sports, live Cajun radio stations, National Public Radio  


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