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Faery Wicca Tarot

Faery Wicca Tarot

It is my understanding that this deck was designed for use within the faith/religion of Faery Wicca. I am not a practitioner/follower of Faery Wicca, or even Wicca for that matter. While I know some about Wicca, I know absolutely nothing about Faery Wicca. Since I'm not informed enough to make comments as to the value of this deck within its intended use, I will merely comment on it as if it were just another tarot deck. If any practitioners of Faery Wicca would like to comment on the deck, I would certainly include those comments.

Although I can see influence of both Marseilles and Rider-Waite type decks, I can't really say this deck follows either style. What I would call major arcana are actually called ancient ones. These ancient ones (major arcana) are divided into 3 sections known as paths: the path of the moon (00 through 9), the path of the sun (10 through 20) and the stillness of center (21). The ancient ones (majors) are as follows: 00-the tree of life, 0-the seeker, 1-druid, 2-high priestess, 3-Mother Goddess, 4-Father God, 5-guide, 6-beloved, 7-chariot, 8-poetical justice, 9-holy man, 10-sun wheel, 11-strength of will, 12-hangman, 13-banshee crone, 14-holy water, 15-old one, 16-round tower, 17-star, 18-old witch moon hill, 19-sun child, 20-judgement, and 21-Weaver Goddess. Court cards are called helper cards and consist of: Ainnir (page), Ridire (knight), Ard Ri (queen, except that it's a man), and Banrion (king, except that she's female). Suits are tine (wands), uisce (cups), aer (swords) and domhan (pentacles/discs). Pip cards are called element cards and are not fully illustrated. That's a shame, because the art is absolutely wonderful. I would have liked to see 40 more of R.C. Yate's illustrations. In addition to the extra major arcana card (00-the tree of life), there are 4 other extra cards. These are called the gift of Faery cards and consist of: apple branch, crane bag, hazel wand and holy stone.

My Faery Wicca Tarot came as a deck and book set. The book (which isn't full-size, but isn't a booklet either) has loads of information on how to use this deck. It has detailed descriptions of many tarot spreads, and relationships between cards. The book is excellent! If the deck is available without the book (and I'm not sure if it is or not), I recommend you hold out for a deck and book set. I'd have been lost without the book. All in all, I can remove the additional 5 cards and use this deck just like any other tarot deck. Some of the cards (especially in the major arcana) cause a little difficulty, but certainly not anything an intermediate to advanced reader can't overcome.

Cards measure about 2.75 by 4.5 inches and are slightly large for me. Those with larger hands wont have any trouble, and those with smaller hands (like me) can master them with a little effort. Card stock is good, although a little thin.

I don't know whether I recommend this deck for practitioners of Faery Wicca or not, having no knowledge of the faith/religion. I do recommend this deck for collectors and for anyone looking for a new approach to tarot. The art alone makes this deck a keeper! Beginners may have trouble and probably wouldn't want to use this as a primary reading deck. Intermediate to advanced readers wont have any difficulty adjusting.

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