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Chinese Tarot

Chinese Tarot

I know nothing about Chinese symbolism, legend, folklore or history; however, I can read with this deck. I find it colorful, inspirational, workable, and a joy to use. I'm a bit of an escapist, so I really enjoy diving into the unknown.

The deck follows traditional Rider-Waite style rather closely, with only a few changes (other than the obvious Chinese theme). In the majors, the Heirophant has been replaced with the Heavenly Master, the Hanged Man with the Hanging Ghost, Judgement with Confucius, and the World with the Universe. Suits are staves, cups, swords and coins. Courts are king, queen, knight and page. I noted something of interest about the pages. They are older than is traditionally shown, some of them even graying.

The card stock is sturdy, but not stiff. The cards are about 2.5 by 4.5 inches and are easily handled. I got my deck second hand, and it did not come with an instructional booklet. I suspect (but am not sure) that a new deck would have the little white booklet. I wish mine did.

I thoroughly enjoy this deck and recommend it for those interested in Chinese culture, theme deck lovers, collectors, and intermediate to advanced readers. I almost recommend it for beginners, but am unsure about the effect the culture-shock might have.

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