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The Arthurian Tarot

The Arthurian Tarot

This deck is an example of a workable new system of tarot. The system revolves around the Arthurian Legend and Mysteries. The Matthews did an excellent job of incorporating the tarot into Arthurian lore ... or vice versa. =) The artwork is stunning and inspiring. It comes as a deck and book set, which is good. I wouldn't be able to follow it without the book, as the art doesn't generally give me a feel for the cards meanings. One must know the story to see it played out in the cards.

Suits are spears, grails, swords and stones. Changes have been made to the major arcana. They are: 0, the Seeker; 1, Merlin; 2, the Lady of the Lake; 3, Guinevere; 4, Arthur; 5, Taliesin; 6, the White Hart; 7, Pryowen; 8, Gawain; 9, the Grail Hermit; 10, the Round Table; 11, Sovereignty; 12, the Wounded King; 13, the Washer at the Ford; 14, the Cauldron; 15, the Green Knight; 16, the Spiral Tower; 17, the Star; 18, the Moon; 19, the Sun; 20, the Sleeping Lord; and 21, the Flowering of Logres. Aces are called "hallow," so that there is a spear hallow and a stone hallow, etc. Pages are called "maidens."

I recommend this deck for any Arthurian buff and any collector. Also, if you like non-traditional systems or theme decks, you will like this one especially, as it is a workable deck. I don't recommend this deck for a novice tarot reader unless they intend this to be their primary deck, since it isn't a standard deck.

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