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Table of Contents

My pages are still under construction, so please be patient. Ultimately, I expect to have links to information on herbs, crystals, colors, incense, oils, candles, toiletries, tarot, a bit of astrology, amulets and recipies of all sorts. Please bookmark this page, at least until the construction is complete. =)

Herbal associations, preparation, harvest, remedies, etc.

Herbs, flowers, trees, spices and other plants

Crystal associations, cleansing, tuning, birthstones, etc.

Crystals, stones and gems

Incense and oil correspondences, contraindications, recipies, etc.

Incense, oils and other scents

Color correspondences for candles, properties, astrological associations, etc.

Properties and associations of colors

Planetary associations and elemental associations

Planetary and elemental associations



Tarot Deck Reviews and Scans, as well as Readings by TarotDeevah


Check out some of my favorite links on tarot, religion and culture, fun and games, and so much more!

Fabulous Links

Tarot Readings by TarotDeevah

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