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Tarot Deevah's Domain

Welcome to my domain, otherwise known as my labor of love. Beyond this "front door," you will find information on tarot (with reviews and scans of over 100 different decks as well as information on receiving a reading), herbs (harvest, preparation, properties, remedies), colors (associations and properties), gems and stones (properties, cleansing, associations, birthstones), incense and oils (properties, recipies, contraindications), amulets, planetary and elemental associations, astrology and so much more.

These web pages are always under construction, constantly being changed and updated. Please bookmark me and come back often.

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The happy couple

My husband and I have been married since May of 1999. We are very much in love and compliment each other well. Isn't he handsome?!?! We work together at the same plant (not so politically correct, huh) and were "set up" by coworkers. We bowled on the same company bowling team (cheesy, I know) for a couple of years, and both had ended bad relationships months before. The rest of the bowling team suggested we all go out to celebrate after the league, and we agreed. Once we got to the pub, I excused myself to go "powder my nose" and Mark (that's my husband) was racking balls at the pool table. When I got to the pool table, everyone had gone except Mark, who was still racking balls. It seemed our coworkers had lured us there and left us by ourselves. One year seven months later, Mark and I were married. It's been wedded bliss ever since.

My First Scuba Diving Trip

On our honeymoon, Mark and I had the opportunity to go scuba diving. We both loved it! This is the beautiful fish who followed us all over the place.

My Immediate Family

My two brothers (there's a third not pictured), my mother and myself

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