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Illinois Central

Mays Yard, Harahan, LA

The IC's Mays yard is located in Harahan, LA on the East Bank of the Mississippi River. The Hickory Rd overpass, near Airline Drive (US61), crosses over the west end of the yard. A large tower is located at the entrance road onto the property and the engine house. Zephyr Field, were the local AAA baseball team plays, is located adjacent to the yard. The yard is bordered by Airline Drive to the north, Earhart Expressway to the south, and Hickory Rd to the west. Central Ave is the closest road to the east of the yard.
Although some photos were taken on the property, they were taken with permission of railroad personnel. DO NOT TRESPASS. Not only is it unsafe, but it's against the law.

Soon to be gone, a pair of SW14's lug on a long string of cars while the SP waits for clearance to double back to the Huey P. Long bridge and its return to Avondale. This Feb 13, 1989 scene was shot at Central Ave, a mecca for railfan visitors to the area since almost everything in the area passes at this location. Central Ave is located near Clearview Parkway in East Jefferson parish.
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Another scene from Central Ave. The UP delivers to the IC in the small yard where the SP train is parked. The SP train on the left is on the same track as the SP train from the previous picture. The IC switcher is pulling a string of cars out of Mays yard. A very unusual site is the NS local on the IC main. Although the NS interchanges at Central Ave with the UP, I have only seen this scene once in all my visits. This shot was taken Mar 1, 1991.
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An evening departure for NC6 on its northward journey to Chicago. Time is Oct 6, 1985, but the scene is still repeated daily with black IC engines. Seen in the background is the Hickory Rd overpass.
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One of favorite shots happen by chance and this was not staged. By chance I came across this almost PR shot of the fallen flags in the last days of the GM&O. Date was May 10, 1984.
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Replacing the IC SW14's are an assortment of GT engines, mostly GP-38's. GT 5857 is seen here in this Apr 14, 1999 shot, switching the west end of Mays yard. The train is passing under the Hickory Rd overpass with the ICs main offices and tower to the left of the photo.
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