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Hogwarts Symphony2K!!!

Hi, and welcome to the re-opening of the Hogwarts Symphony at The Quidditch Field! This site will hopefully have a few surprises!

What is the Hogwarts Symphony? Well, it's where fellow Harry Potter fans can get together and share their ideas on who should play what instruments in a band at Hogwarts. I pitched the fan fic idea, which became Harry Potter and The Band of Hogwarts, and Gyspy of Harry Potter's Realm of WIzardry loved it! It's a spin-off of the fan fic! I just keep feeling proud. This idea is copyrighted by me and Gypsy, so you CAN'T USE IT!

This is something I have been planning, and guess what, I make it in Frontpage! I am not exactly the world's greatest HTML maker, and I do long documents in here! This is really cool! I plan to add that really great Shockwave animation once I learn how to put it in! And I may end up putting plug in stuff in sections of the site!

My List

Harry Potter- Trombone
(Yes, I know it used to tuba, but I can't really picture him there! It's changed in the fan fic as well!) Ronald Weasley- Trumpet
Hermione Granger- Clarinet
Neville Longbottom- French Horn
Draco Malfoy- Tombone
Parvati Patil- Piccolo
Dean Thomas- Tuba
Seamus Finnigan- Baritone
Gregory Goyle- Percussion
Vincent Crabbe- Percussion
Quidditch Seeker- Trombone (Yes, I really play trombone! And I love it!)

Gypsy Raven's Choices

Harry Potter- Tuba
Ron Weasley- Trumpet
Hermione Granger- Clarinet
Neville Longbottom- Oboe or French Horn
Draco Malfoy- Trombone
Lavendar Brown- Flute and/or Violin
Parvati Patil- Flute and/or Piccolo
Seamus Finnigan- Tuba
Dean Thomas- Saxophone
Gregory Goyle- Triangle
Vincent Crabbe- Tympani
Cho Chang- Clarinet and/or Piano
Ginny Weasley- Flute or Clarinet
Colin Creevey- Clarinet and Viola
Sybill Trelawny- Harp
Albus Dumbledore- Kazoo and/or Trombone
Remus Lupin- Trumpet
James Potter- Trumpet and/or Cello
Lily Potter- Clarinet and Flute
Sirius Black- Bag Pipes
Gypsy Raven- Clarinet (Yeah, she really plays this too!)

This is your lists will follow. I am not done with the page, so they are not done yet; but they will be here by the end of the month! I promise!

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