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(Musical Instrument Digital Interface)

File Name Description/Comments Size Length
55sonic.mid You're driving at 1:00 on a stormy morning. You turn on a raio and this is what you hear. 125 Kb 4:45
beetlejuice.mid Beetle Juice Beetle Juice Beetle Juice!!! 26 Kb 1:53
dam.mid Song from the Dam Level of Golden Eye 007 (N64) 11 Kb 2:00
echoes.mid One of my personal favorites 87 Kb 5:48
entertainer.mid Remember the ice cream man??? This is his song. 4 Kb 1:14
entertainer2.mid Same song different (and better) version 19 Kb 3:37
gending.mid The ending song to DragonBall GT 107 Kb 4:55
mk.mid Mortal Kombat 36 Kb 3:06
moonlightsonata.mid Beethoven's 14th (?) Symphony, aka Moonlight Sonata. 72 Kb 14:07
nice.mid Got this song from some site, another one of my favorites. 43 Kb 4:12
onemans.mid Good classical song. 9 Kb 3:19
peanuts.mid Peanuts theme song. 19 Kb 3:00
philipglass.mid Got this from some unknown site, good, but repetative 44 Kb 10:18
piano11.mid Very good collection of 11 piano solos, good file size for 47 minutes of music. 148 Kb 46:53
reason.mid Gimme One Reason by Tracy Chapman 53 Kb 5:00
virtualinsanity.mid Virtual Insanity by Jamiroqui 77 Kb 4:00
whisper.mid Well developed song. 10 Kb 2:39
zelda.mid Theme song to the popular nintendo game. 9 Kb 1:20
zintro.mid Introduction song to the Japanese DBZ. 9 Kb 0:59
zz.mid Song produced by Van-Lam Nguyen. All of these ZZ's are extremley good and written by him (or her :-)) 36 Kb 5:17
zz2.mid Extremely good, I hope you have a good MIDI chip for this one. 42 Kb 5:37
zz3.mid Kind of a remix to zz4 92 Kb 5:04
zz4.mid Very good 79 Kb 4:42
zz5.mid Man all of these are good, another one of my favorites. 46 Kb 3:53
zz6.mid Very well developed. 48 Kb 5:19
zz7.mid They keep coming, I love all of these. 70 Kb 5:10


Note: If you own the copyrights to one or more of these songe, please contact me and I will either give you credit or remove them.