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Precolonial Period
The blue mountain ranges between the Laguna and Quezon provinces look lonely and quiet from far away. And if you come closer, you will find misty shadows in the lush trees and feel a touch of mystery as they sway and murmur in the cool mountain breeze. 
What secrets do these mountain hold? 
It was in these cool and hazy mountains where once lived a wonderful enchantress. She was often seen under the lovely glow of moonlight, swaying gracefully to the delicate music of the midnight breeze by a rippling brook, her glossy hair flowing dark and long under the twinkle of the stars. Her voice, warm and vibrant, floating in the quiet night as she sang songs of love and tenderness. 
The loveliest of creatures was named Maria Makiling. 
The people of the villages in Laguna and Quezon all believed her an enchantress, or mutya. She was not a creature of flesh and blood but a nymph from the fog and mists of these dusky mountains. She helped the needy people and showered them with love and kindness. 
All the people loved Maria Makiling. Often they would leave what they believed to be her favorite fruits, some fowls and eggs by the brook where she sang.
But even mutyas fell in love. Maria Makiling did, with a young and handsome farmer. This beloved by Maria Makiling tilled fields that always bloomed abundantly even when the fields of his neighbors lay dry and barren. His animals and fowls remain strong and robust even when famine and pests killed his neighbor's flock. Indeed this young man was blessed and protected by a beautiful and unseen spirit!
Alas! And even mutyas suffered from broken hearts. Time came when the Spaniards wanted to gather all the strong and able men to serve in the army and fight the many wars going on.
The married men in the villages were not forced to join the army. Because of this, the other men fled to the mountains. But Maria Makiling's beloved young man chose to marry a village girl.
Poor Maria Makiling, a lovely enchantress, but not a mortal one!
It was the eve of his wedding. He was walking along the grassy paths of the forests. Suddenly, in the mists and shadows of the evening, Maria Makiling floated before him!
Her image blew silky and warm about him. Her face hauntingly beautiful under the twinkling stars and gleaning moonlights.
"I have loved you with all the love I am capable of in this world of mortals. And know you will marry someone else. I had hoped that you would have faith in me. I had hoped that you would love me in return. I shall go my way from hereon. And you go your way. I leave you to your fate!"
Now Maria Makiling is the thing of the past. Her beautiful shadows had vanished forever from the lovely moonlight in the midnight trees. Her golden voice is no longer heard in the silent evenings.
Once she was a secret held by the mists and shadows of the blue and lonely mountains.
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