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San Miguel Town: Acacia Trees on Rizal Street
Edith L. Tiempo
After EDSA
These hunchbacked and sun-cowled acacia trees
Have peered benignly from a surplice sky-
Through deciduous decades-at heresies
And heroics of chronic passersby.
Three decades past these middle-aged found
That boys on nightime errands pissed in fright
Convinced that these were chthonic monks who bound
With leather thongs boys without lantern light.
Evenings, these boys-three decades obese now-
Genuflect still at these robust acacias,
Dreading to invent truth for stern wives-how
Basi makes men more loving if loquacious:
They swear these sacerdotal duendes prance
And vow they too are in a whirligig dance.
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