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Pizza And Pretense
Nerissa S. Balce
After EDSA
We are ravenous after our 
encounters. And so we 
visit the pizza place that 
makes 'em the way you like 'em, hot 
and crunchy with extra spices and cheese.
Propriety demands we hide 
conspicuous marks by impassioned 
lips and teeth. So we dress 
our best, covering our bodies 
warm and wet only hours ago. 
My hair still damp,
we both smell of sweet soap 
You look scrubbed to a perfect pink 
like an altar boy.

There is a lipstick smudge 
on your left shirt sleeve.
There is a pink mark on 
my nape. I feel the folds of fat on my
belly while I sit and imagine 
the taste of melted cheese
on crust. I study your 
hands now on the table,
properly clasped the way we pray
at the Mass.


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