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PGCC Reserves : from 1st December to 7th December Web copy
Date Time Competition Skip Reserve
01-Dec 21:50 Derby N Caskie D Bryceland
21:50 Derby J Snoddy D Greer
21:50 Derby B Hird A Harwood
02-Dec 17:40 Derby S Robinson A Thompson
03-Dec 17:40 Derby I Darroch A Donald
04-Dec 17:40 Derby E Pieri J Barr
17:40 Derby F Gray K McDonald
17:40 Derby B Hird I Lochrie
07-Dec 17:45 Centenary D Paton F De Villiers
17:45 Centenary B Dillon I Tucker
17:45 Centenary K McLeod T Kane
(Details updated to 2100 on Tuesday 2nd December)