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Wish List

The St. John Humane Society is an all volunteer organization formed in 1991 that depends on donations to keep saving animals. You don't need to raid your pocket-book to be able to help the animals. Below you will find our "wish list" of things you may already have around your house and don't need.

We are also always seeking volunteers to help foster animals, drive animals to their veterinary appointments, drive a leg on a pet rail-road transport, pass out flyers, make phone calls, etc. There is no need to commit to a huge block of time; an hour here or there is always appreciated.

If you have items to donate or would like to volunteer, please call us at 985-652-2082 or email us at the link below.

Your newspapers can be dropped off behind the Times Picayune Bureau office on the Airline Highway in La Place. (The green and red bin at the back of the parking lot.)

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Wish List