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Mia's Nursing Pics
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Journeys of love often have many bumps in the road.  This journey was begun many years ago when a very sick and sad little girl received a kind word and a gentle hand from hospital nurse.  From that moment that little girl had her heart set on returning the love she so desperately needed.  And now after three colleges and two states, the journey has begun....

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MiaGettingReadyInTheMorn.jpg (33335 bytes)  see the movie (2.5 MB)

Had to wake up so early in the morning! and Chris can sleep until 10:00!!

MiaGettingShoesInTheMorn.jpg (40134 bytes) see the movie (1.3 Mb)

shoes...need shoes...

MiaGettingReadyToGoInTheMorn.jpg (41271 bytes)  see the movie (1.2 Mb)

I feel ready to take on the world

MiaMeanFaceInTheMorn.jpg (40736 bytes) see the movie (960 Kb)

Mr. Johnson, it's time for your catheter

MiaLeavingInTheMorn.jpg (27572 bytes) see the movie (1.1 Mb)

Don't I look good

MiaBackHomeWithDirtyCloths.jpg (26631 bytes) same as above

Better put this directly in the wash

MiaDosntThinkEveryThingWasFly.jpg (30735 bytes) see the movie (758 Kb)

Well some things were nasty

MiasEyesAreSoPretty.jpg (28950 bytes) same as above

Check out these eyes

MiasSoHappy.jpg (30042 bytes) same as above

I so happy.  It's really happening