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Monday, 31 August 2009

Smile Today is August 31, 2009. I have found out that some of my friends, either online buddies or old pen pals, have searched for me and were worried about us since Katrina hit. We are all OK! NO damage at all for Katrina, but had some minor roof damage for Gustav and have changed the roof. If you have my physical address, it is still the same, as is our phone number. If you have the old emails, they are changed.

let me know how you are also!!

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Updated: Monday, 31 August 2009 10:39 AM CDT
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Smile Today is August 31, 2009. I have found out that some of my friends, either online buddies or old pen pals, have searched for me and were worried about us since Katrina hit. We are all OK! NO damage at all for Katrina, but had some minor roof damage for Gustav and have changed the roof. If you have my physical address, it is still the same, as is our phone number. If you have the old emails, they are changed.

let me know how you are also!!

Posted by la2/nettespage at 10:36 AM CDT
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Thursday, 25 September 2008
Update on the Jr.s
Mood:  sad
Jackie had an ectopic pregnancy a few weeks ago and is no longer pregnant. But, I know that God is in control and that they will be pregnant again real soon.

Posted by la2/nettespage at 8:01 AM CDT
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Friday, 22 August 2008
Friday, August 22, 2008
Mood:  energetic
Topic: So Much Great Family!

Wow, I just don't ever say much on here anymore. I do wish that I had more to say.  Just this.  My son and his wife have just found out they are expecting their second child. This will be grandbaby #7.  I am hoping the next one to give me news of expectancy will be my baby girl, Mandy. I tease her that she is 30 and needs to not wait too long. They want 3 or 4 children, so maybe they can have 2 at a time.

So sad. My daughter in law lost the baby (ectopic pregnancy) at the same time we were all evacuated for Hurricane Gustav in Sept of 2008. Then 5 months later, she lost another due to ectopic pregnancy. We are all so sad as we know how much they want more children.

Posted by la2/nettespage at 5:30 PM CDT
Updated: Monday, 31 August 2009 10:35 AM CDT
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Wednesday, 3 May 2006
Time to Write
Now Playing: Wednesday May 3, 2006
It's 8:30 in the morning. I am still having coffee and doing stuff on here. I just checked the summer 2006 movies that will be coming out and I think there are several that I want to see. "Pirates of the Caribbean" has another one! I really like Johnny Depp. I saw the first P of C when I was in San Diego back in probably 2003. Good movie.
We are having really wonderful weather. It is not too hot yet, and we finally got some much needed rain a few days ago. I got to work in the yard a little yesterday. I had a beautiful (big!) Shefflera from church when I lost my sister back in October. I finally transplanted it in a big pot and put it on the porch. If it wold get too cold any time this coming winter, I will just put it in the shed. Anyway. Things are marching along well. I have been washing curtains and cleaning windows. Spring cleaning for a reason. Mandy is coming for a visit Mothers' Day weekend. We all want to see her before she goes to Uganda on a mission trip in June.
Lauren and Cohen are almost a year old. He is so big for his age, and she is super petite! He just started walking and she won't be far behind. Kendra says every time they visit, Cohen shows Lauren what he has learned and a few days later she is doing it! So, she should be walking soon! LOL!
Wilbert went to work today starting his hitch. Monday night as we were coming home from the movies, he said, "Only one more day before I go back to work." To have known him years ago, that is a big statement. He never expressed that he wanted to be home. He never went places with me. Now we go to the movies, dinner, and even to the first class reunion he ever attended! His 40th! Everyone was so happy to see him. He has done some really positive changing in the last couple of years.
I have been out with my 6 friends a lot lately, and doing a bit again with the Red Hatters. We had Relay for Life this past Friday night, and since Justin is a leukemia survivor and our RHS queen is a cancer survivor, we all went. It was heart touching and fun.
Daddy is still in the home and almost 88. His mind is not what it was even 6 months ago. He has no short term memory and even long term is getting iffy. But, physically, he isn't ill at all. Just frail.
Nick got married on the 21st of April. His new wife's name is Kathy.
I have to go in to Houma today to JC Penney. I guess I will just go alone and come right back.

Posted by la2/nettespage at 8:48 AM CDT
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Thursday, 5 January 2006
Catching Up
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Here goes
Topic: So much has happenend
So much has happened since my last entry. On October 1, or maybe September 30, my sister, Anna Lou, and her husband, Albert, were in a car accident. He got a fractured rib, and she had 4 broken ribs, a broken hand and several little cuts and bruises, including a bruise on her chest. Having emphyzema, she had a hard time taking deep breaths. She was in so much pain. Even with them increasing the oxygen she usually has, she didn't make it. She passed away on October 21. We are all still dumbfounded by this great loss of such a wonderful woman in our lives. She was only 66.
Kendra and Ike are still working on their house, but they moved into a camper trailer right at their back door about 10 days ago, maybe, Dec. 27.
Mandy was here for Christmas and Willie and Jackie and Cohen came for the day.
I just went today, finally, to get my flu shot. I am feeling really good physically and have started walking again, hoping to shed 35 pounds.

Posted by la2/nettespage at 1:09 PM CST
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Saturday, 17 September 2005
Hurricane Katrina, before and after
Now Playing: We have survived
On August 28, 2005, a Saturday, I went to Donaldsonville to tour Oak Alley with my Red Hat group. We knew there was a hurricane out there but the weather was so beautiful that we figured we could have a good day and still come home to evacuate if needed. It was needed. I am very happy we had this great time together, as it may be a couple of months before we get together again.
On Sunday morning, we started to really keep track of the storm and it didn't look good. So, looking like it was going to hit us, or very close, we went to Morgan City to stay with Willie and Jackie at her Dad's house. It was very comfortable and we are so appreciative, but we came home on the Monday. Our house had absolutely no damage, but Kendra's house had a few inches of water, and one place with a small leak on the roof that Ike fixed right away. The insurance and FEMA will come through, and already have started. The house has been cleaned, and still needs some cleaning, but most is done, and now that Wilbert has removed the baseboards it will dry a bit. Dickie Fillinich is a carpenter and they have already hired him to do the work.
For the meantime, they are living here. It is hard, mainly for Kendra, but we are handling it.
My sister's house on the North Shore had 3 feet of water and she is here staying at my cousin's. Her daughter and family had a beautiful home in the city close to the 17th street canal, and had water up to the roof. As of only 3 days ago, it still had 6 feet in it. So, it will more than likely be condemned and unlivable. They have already bought a house in Covington and will settle there. My nephew who lived in a mobile home in my sister's yard also had a lot of water and 2 trees in the roof. Their's is also a total loss. The other 3 children's homes were dry, only minor roof shingle damage.
My brother who lives here in my town has a big house, and had extensive roof damage.
Our son lived in Kenner, in Jefferson Parish, but for some reason only had about a foot of water in the yard. But, they chose to move out and not go back.

Posted by la2/nettespage at 9:53 AM CDT
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Monday, 22 August 2005
My 56th Birthday
Now Playing: A few days with Mandy home
Well, I made it! I am 56 years old! It feels so strange to state it. I think of myself as a young woman. I don't feel old. I don't think old. So, I guess that means, I AM NOT OLD! Yee ha! 56 is not old, just seasoned and ready for the next half! Or so.
Mandy came in on Wednesday and Wilbert and I picked her up at the airport from her 3:10 flight. She looks wonderful. I had not seen her since her emergency appendectomy. When she showed me the scars I was very surprised. She has a "dot" at the edge of her belly button, not really noticeable. She has a well healed almost invisible scar diagonal to that a couple inches to the right, about 1/4 " long, or even less. And a really tiny one also at the pubic hair line. How do those doctors do that? I am amazed at the medical technology of Laproscopy surgery. She healed well and feels great.
We went to Willie and Jackie's from the airport. She was so surprised at how big Cohen got. We waited for Willie and got Popeye's chicken and fixings for supper. After we ate, we set off for home. We stopped at Kendra's on the way back so she could see the Chouest gang. Ironically, she said Lauren still looked much the same, just a bit bigger. Yes, a wee bit bigger!
Then we came home. She had to get to bed early because Thursday she went with Kendra to Children's Hospital Clinic for Justin's chemo shot. That was a long day as Eric also had an appt at 3 for an EEG. It doesn't seem that it is seizures. We have not gotten the results from Dr. Bacuda yet.
I cooked a roast, veggies and rice for supper and everyone ate.
Friday, I went to clean Sharon's house. Since Mandy was going to sleep late anyway, I didn't see a reason not to go or to wait until today. So, I went and was back around noon.
Willie and Jackie came in on Friday night. So we really had a full house. Willie, Mandy and Isaac got up very early and went fishing. They were back for about 11:00. We nibbled a bit here and there, and then Wilbert boiled the crabs. They were good. Fat and full of eggs and really meaty. We had a few left, so we gave them to Lisa to bring home to her boys. She had come over to see Cohen and Mandy. Then late in the afternoon, Mandy and Isaac took off to go get snowballs. They came back with snowballs, but also with a beautiful birthday cake made into the shape of a hat! Red, of course, with purple trim. It was so good!
Last week, before I forget, also, on Thursday, Wilbert and I went car shopping and ordered a new car. It will be in in about 5 weeks. A 2006 Chrysler 300. It is so awesome! What a great car that is!
When Willie and Jackie left on Saturday night, Mandy went with them. Her flight was at 9:50 A.M. and since they live just a few minutes from the airport, it made sense to have her go with them and they took her to the airport yesterday morning. She called me when she got in. Tim was there to pick her up.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2005
August 9, 2005
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Catching up
I haven't gotten to write much the last couple of weeks. I am not even sure if I posted that Eric had a really bad virus and had to be hospitalized a couple of weeks ago. I had planned to go with my Red Hat group to dinner and a play, but the poor darling didn't get released from the hospital until about 9 Saturday evening. So, that didn't happen. When Ike isn't home, there isn't much of a choice. It isn't an easy thing to just ask someone to take care of 3 children for me to go play with the gang. Just wouldn't seem right. So, as long as MawMaw can, MawMaw will!
This past weekend we had the Jr. Brunets here. Cohen is so big! He turned 2 months Saturday and he weighs right at 14 pounds! Lauren is just about 10 and maybe a couple of ounces. She will be Petite, and he will be a big boy! We all went to church on Sunday. Wilbert was working, but Willie, Jackie, Cohen, Kendra, Isaac, Eric, Justin, Alaina, Lauren and I went. The babies slept through the whole praise and worship, and the sermon! And Alaina was really good.
I got my hair cut today. I really like the bob cut with my bangs I have been wearing for a few years now. My beautician says my hair is beautiful and that it is the perfect hair for this style. Well, like I said, "thanks, and I am grateful that it is, because it is VERY, VERY straight and won't do anything else so I don't have much of a choice!"
When I got home, I had a message on the machine from Elaine telling me about Gwen's surgery. Answered prayer! The doctor really thinks he removed all of the cancer with the tumor. And as the liver regenerates, he is very optimistic that she will be fine. I am so relieved. I know our sweet friend, and Red Hat Queen, wants to get back on track with her life. Thank you, Jesus.

Posted by la2/nettespage at 4:54 PM CDT
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Wednesday, 27 July 2005

What a week! I joined Weight Watchers on Thursday, July 21. I had babysat for Kendra to go to Children's, and she got back in plenty time for me to go to the 4:00 WW weigh in and meeting with Susan. I weighed in at 177. I was surprised, and not pleasantly, as I had previously gone to my doctor and weighed 172! My home scale said 175 on Thursday night so there is a 2 pound discrepancy. I have been really trying, but it has not been easy. Early on Friday morning, Eric was admitted to the hospital with a passing out episode, and a bad virus. They started admitting fluids and he was released Saturday night around 9:00. But, that meant that I had some of the children and had to take them to eat Friday. I ate a McDonald's salad, so that was good. Then Saturday, I went to the hospital thinking we would be home early, but had to find a place to take the children for supper. I took them to a Chinese Buffet and although I was very careful, still managed to put away about 35 points! Then, Sunday I went to my brother in law's surprise birthday party in New Orleans. Phyllis gives a wonderful party! Need I say more? So, I have been messing up the point system. Yesterday, I thought I had done so well, when I realized this morning I had not figured the chicken lunch I had! Oh well. I had Isaac and Alaina overnight, and then Eric last night. Tonight I have Justin. He was punished yesterday, so he will come tonight if he behaves today.
But, to backtrack, before I joined WW, Kendra and I had a hectic week. She had to take Lauren for a checkup, and then chemo for Justin on Thursday, and I forgot all else. But, we were busy. This past Monday I got to go and clean Sharon's house. I wish it was more often. She did a remodel in their living room and it is so beautiful!!
Until I write again, then God bless!

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Updated: Wednesday, 27 July 2005 9:43 AM CDT
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Monday, 18 July 2005
What a weekend!
I spoke to Mandy on Thursday afternoon. Being a Mom, I detected something different in her voice. I asked her what was wrong. She said she was not feeling very well. She said she had pain in her stomach. I told her if it didn't go away, to please go in to ER. I spoke to her later and she said the pain was descending in her abdomen. I was very happy to hear that her friend, Tim, was taking her to get checked out. Well, next I heard was about 5 in the morning, 3 her time. She had been admitted, and was being prepped for surgery. Appendicitis! They took her in at about 5:30, California time. She called me not long after I was up. She was out of surgery! She had it done Laproscopy and it went very well. She was amazed that the pain was gone! I wanted to be there with her so badly. Didn't seem feasible, as she is coming here in August, and she has such wonderful friends to care for her. I have been talking to her several times a day, and she sounded really good last night. Praise the Lord for good Christian friends to take care of her. You see, I figured, if I can't be with her, she needed at least 3 friends to make up for that! I mean, come on! A Mom's care is triple a friend's, right? But, she is good. And she has the whole week to rest.

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Saturday, 2 July 2005
Blessed Saturday
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: July 2nd at the Sr. Brunets
Topic: So Much Great Family!
What an awesome day! My sister, Anna Lou, and her husband, Al, were here for a visit. They live a couple hours north of us, across Lake Ponchartrain, north of New Orleans. They come to my brother's house in Larose, and my brother goes and get my Dad at the Nursing Home for the afternoon. Well, that was good enough, when Jackie called that she and Willie were coming down to get their boat to take it to her Mom's in Houma. this was the first time the baby had been to our house! He is going to be 4 weeks old Monday.
I went ahead to my brother's to visit a while with them. Their daughter was there, and also Anna Lou's son and his family. My brother's son, his wife and kids and mom in law came over. My other sister's (deceased) son and his family, her husband, one daughter and sons and one of our other brothers,
all there to visit! Then in came Willie and Jackie and baby Cohen! And Ike, Kendra and the 5 kids!! WOO HOO! Then we came home, and Poppa got up to go to work and got to visit for a little. Then Aunt Wendy came over to see both new babies. It was really a nice visit. While they were here, Jackie's friend came over to see the baby.
Really great to visit with so many family members at once.
Kendra and her family are getting ready to leave, and Wilbert is at work.

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Monday, 13 June 2005
Summer is Here
I got up pretty late today. My stomach is giving me so much trouble. I need to find a gastroenterologist today to start testing. It isn't just the usual Diver stuff, it's my stomach so I need to get it checked.

Well, the new babies are born! On May 20th, LAUREN was born. She weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 19 1/2" long. She looked a whole like like Eric and at over 3 weeks now, she still does! She was jaundiced and had to go often for bili checks. Her level is down and safe now.

On June 6,  COHEN was born. He weighed 8 lbs 3 oz and was 21 1/2" long. He looked right away like his Daddy, and still does. He does have blonder hair, though, like his Mommie had at birth, and it looks like it may be wavy like hers. He is so cute.

Mandy came for a visit on June 3rd, so she was able to "bond" with Lauren and be here for Cohen's birth. She got to spend some quality time with everyone. She went back Saturday, 11th.

Hubby is working night shift. He comes off Wednesday.

Isaac and Eric started Vacation Bible School this morning. They have been counting down to this for weeks. Next year, Justin gets to go, too. Then 2 years after, Alaina.

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Updated: Thursday, 25 September 2008 8:08 AM CDT
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