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Welcome! This is the sign up page for -Dark Water- A TOKIYA WEBRING Ring. Hehe, the basic qualifications for joining this ring would be that you have a site or page and it must be related to Tokiya and/or Flame of Recca. (I'll take duh for $500 Alex!) All Tokiya fans can unite here and stuff.

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Okay so basically, before you join, read some of the rules below. If you agree to them, and your site meets the rules, fill in the form below. Make sure you remember everything you type there! Then download the picture for the Ring, and then copy the HTML fragment for this ring and finally put the code to your page! Simple right? But remember when you submit your site, it doesn't mean you're a member of the ring already. All it means is you've been added to a waiting list of sorts. E-mail me when you've placed the fragment on your site. I'll review your site and add it to the ring. Very simple! Of course, there are a few requests I have. With your e-mail tell me the exact URL of the page where you placed the code because I do NOT want to get lost looking for it. Second please download the image and upload it directly to your server okay? I don't want anyone to link the image to me, I have enough trouble with Angelfire as it is. Thirdly, and I MUST stress this, replace the info on the code with your own. Okay that's kind of a dumb request, but it had to be said okay?


1. First off your site must be in some way connected to Tokiya Mikagami. It doesn't have to be an entire site. A page on him will do. A little info on him, maybe some pictures would be quite nice. Or if you're site is about the entire anime of Flame of Recca you've gotta have info on Tokiya there. Or if your site is based on some other character of Recca or stuff on other anime, I repeat you MUST have info on Tokiya. I'm not really strict on what kind of page you have on Tokiya. I mean you could have random babblings on how cool he is and I wouldn't care. As long as it's about him, it will be accepted. After all, you just have to be a Tokiya fan to get in. Remember these words, MUST HAVE INFO ON TOKIYA-SAMA. Sorry for capsing.

2. This is another dumb rule, but again it must be said. No sites which flame Tokiya will be accepted. It would be kind of stupid of me to add your site when you're anti-Tokiya right?

3. You must have the HTML code on your page before I add you. You don't have to place it on the main page, just put it there somewhere!

4. If your site has some things which may be unsuitable for the younger surfers, please add a rating to it, informing us all about some of the racier content of your site. We wouldn't want to get into trouble if some poor kid goes into your site and uh discovers some stuff which he shouldn't. Again I''m not really that strict about site content. If you have some hentai stuff in there, just warn us.

5. I reserve the right to add or reject sites. PLEASE don't be mad at me if you are not accepted into the ring, it's not likely that this would happen but we gotta take precautions. This may be a new ring but we're not that desperate for members. Just remember, if I DO reject your site, there must be a reason. The reason would be that there is something that I did think was unacceptable for a ring member and have decided not to add you. If you wish to find out, a polite e-mail asking me why you weren't accepted will be sufficient. Just don't be rude okay? I mean, Tokiya-sama would go after me with the Tsurara Mai attack if I do something bad in handling his ring.

So if you accept these rules, proceed in filling out the form below. Afterwards add the fragment to your page, altering it slightly with your info. Then mail me when you've done this and I'll add you. Be patient. If you aren't added to the ring immediately don't freak out! I don't have unlimited access to the Net, so it may take some time before I add you to the ring. If you want, I would not be averse to receiving an unlimited access account! (Hehehe I wish!) Of course, I will be asking people to help me in managing the ring so you won't have to wait for very long. Okay remember these steps. Fill out, download image, copy, and paste!

 -Dark Water- A TOKIYA WEBRING Submission Form
Site Title:
Site URL:

Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
Description: Enter a short description of your site.

Below is the HTML fragment and what it looks like. You can of course alter the image to suit you, but inform me please and send me a copy of your new image. We may start a list for alternate images.

-Dark Water- A Tokiya Webring
-Dark Water- A TOKIYA WEBRING [-Previous 5 Sites-] [-Skip Previous-] [-Previous-] [-Next-]
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This -Dark Water- A TOKIYA WEBRING site is owned by
Your Name Here
Wanna join this ring too?
Visit the -Dark Water- Ring Page or contact Natsumi-san

And this is the HTML fragment:

<!-- Begin -Dark Water- A TOKIYA WEBRING Code--> <center>
<table border="1" width="79%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5">
<td width="100%" colspan="2" align="center" bgcolor="#05006F"><font color="#FFFFFF" face="Tahoma" size="2">-Dark
Water- A Tokiya Webring</font></td>
<td width="50%" rowspan="2" align="center"><font face="Tahoma"><img border="0" src="IMG_URL_HERE" width="120" height="173" alt="-Dark Water- A TOKIYA WEBRING"></img></font></td>
<td width="50%" align="center"><font color="#022BCA" size="1" face="Tahoma">
[<a href=";id=YOUR_ID_HERE;prev5" style="text-decoration: none">-Previous 5 Sites-</a>]
[<a href=";id=YOUR_ID_HERE;sprev" style="text-decoration: none">-Skip Previous-</a>]
[<a href=";id=YOUR_ID_HERE;prev" style="text-decoration: none">-Previous-</a>]
[<a href=";id=YOUR_ID_HERE;next" style="text-decoration: none">-Next-</a>]
<br>[<a href=";id=YOUR_ID_HERE;skip" style="text-decoration: none">-Skip Next-</a>]
[<a href=";id=YOUR_ID_HERE;next5" style="text-decoration: none">-Next 5 Sites-</a>]
<br>[<a href=";random" style="text-decoration: none">-Random Site-</a>]
[<a href=";list" style="text-decoration: none">-List Sites-</a>]
<td width="50%" align="center"><font face="Tahoma" size="1" color="#022BCA">This
-Dark Water- A TOKIYA WEBRING site is owned by <br><a href="mailto:E-MAILHERE" style="text-decoration: none"> Your Name Here </a> <br>Wanna join this ring too? <br>Visit the <a href="" style="text-decoration: none">-Dark Water- Ring Page</a> or contact <a href="" style="text-decoration: none">Natsumi-san</a></font></td>
<!-- End -Dark Water- A TOKIYA WEBRING Code --->

Thank you for joining the webring!

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