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Gomen, minna-san! Still Waters Run Deep: Tokiya no Jinja, is under major renovation and is currently in the process of being moved. I finally had to put up this notice because people were starting comment on the lack of updates and broken links! Rest assured, I'm working on it! Also, I'm in the process of making another bigger websites, which will host nearly all of my other websites except for the Tokiya Shrine the Hime Directory and Project Hana. This site will be known as Project Natsumi, the ULTIMATE site for all of my websites, anime related or not. Included here is Project Shoujo and Project Shounen, Project Alpha (everything has project...) and finally Anime Fantasies. All of my other sites are linked here as well.

Anyway, if you're interested, the shrine relaunching (i.e. revelation of the Tokiya no Jinja location) is on February 19!
If you still insist on viewing the website, then go ahead

If you have any questions, contact me through