Proudly announcing the release of the first MarstonArt resin!

"Prophecy" is a cantering Arabian mare in SM scale. She has been carefully sculpted with a tack-friendly mane and tail, complete female anatomy, and the carefree look of a young mare enjoying her own speed!

She is perfectly postioned to be shown under costume, flying across the desert sands... : ) She also makes a wonderful cowhorse; happily chasing a calf to be roped...or an eager jumper, as she canters to the next fence in a foxhunt. This little one can do it all!

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Prophecy in primer >Prophecy in primer

As of March 4, 2001...updated release info is as follows:
Prophecy is a limited edition, cast by Randy Buckler in a one mold run. (around 50 pieces) **Please note that this is an amendment to the original plan of 100 pieces.**

I will retain 10 models from the first mold, and will paint most of these myself, as time allows, to be sold as "Artist's Choice" pieces. If there are any unpainted resins left when I have finished those 10...I may paint more, if my schedule allows.

PREPRODUCTION SALE...Has been extended!! Unpainted resins are still only $45, plus $5 s/h.

Artist's Choice painted pieces will be priced after completion. Colors may vary in price.

A $25 deposit is required to hold an order, nonrefundable once casting has begun.

UPDATE ON PRODUCTION TIME (Mar. 04, 2001): I have received the first few casts for approval from Randy....they are perfect!! He and Debb did an absolutely wonderful job casting them!! I had to send an updated version of the base, but other than that, things are in full swing, production-wise. : )
I accept personal checks, money orders, and Paypal.

Please email (or call) with any questions, comments, and orders.
Abigail Marston
124 Stubbs St. #5
Denham Springs, LA 70726
(225) 772-8807

Note to Customizers: For me, a large part of this hobby's fun is the incredible variety of talent and ideas out there. Please credit me as the sculptor of the original Prophecy resin used in any customizing, but other than that....customize away! I would also love to see any pictures of finished models. : )

>Prophecy headshot in primer

"Prophecy Gallery"

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AM Tandori "AM Tandori" Painted dapple grey with acrylics. This one stays in my stable!! : )

AM Galatore "AM Galatore" This one was supposed to go to ebay, but she turned out so nicely that I think I will have to keep her also! Painted in acrylics, and ink wash.

AM Prophecy's Pride "AM Prophecy's Pride" Flea-bitten grey painted in acrylics as Artist's Choice. (As of 9/19/01, "Pride" is still available...$65, s/h included.)

Prophecy is dedicated with love and pride to my aunt, Sara Smith. Through her, and her stable, "Prophecy Arabians," I was introduced to the magical world of the Arabian horse. Words can not express my thankfulness for the time I was able to spend with her. She rides now in Heaven, forever upon the backs of Allah's finest horses. -Abigail Marston