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How y’all are!!

A bit about me first, I am a 31-year-old man born and
raised in south Louisiana.I have had the
chance to live all over Louisiana, and Texas
(it isn’t that great TRUST me).Currently I live in
southern Indiana, Pretty country, but sure not home, nice people thow, and no SNOW! I, like most Cajuns,
love the outdoors, huntin’, fishin’,cookin’,

I was born in a town called Port Sulphur, La,
and raised in Lake Arthur, La. It was in
Lake Arthur that I grew to love the outdoors
and the water. If you cant tell, Michigan ain’t
the the place for a Cajun! Oh it is pretty,
but they have these odd times of the year that
the leaves do strange things like turn colors,
I think they call that one fall, I call it
Teal season, but oh well! Over the years I have
made a lot of good friends, and have lost track
of quite a few. So if you Graduated from
Lake Arthur High around ’91, drop me a line Please!!!!

Over the years I have held many jobs, mainly
in the oilfield, but also in the medical,
and sales industries. My greatest passion
would have to be fire fighting.
I was fortunate to have served for eight years
as a firefighter before I had to give it up.
I served as a vice president of the
Inter-Community V.F.D. in northeast Texas,
and the high point of my service,
as Training Captain of Acadia Parish
Fire District #2, Egan, La. It will always be
my true passion. I also served as a wildland
and urban interface firefighter for the
Texas Forest Service out of the Carthage, TX district
and a search and recovery diver for the
Panola County Dive Team.

Recently I took up designing web pages for myself
and then a few friends. It has turned out to be
a most enjoyable hobby.
So if this page is not the best well,
I am just starting.

Well thanks for stopping in and looking around.
I hope you find a few of the links and rings
useful. They have brought me a lot of joy. I have
attempted to sort through many of the
links and get them in the right places,
this is an ongoing battle as I am adding to them
on a daily basis. Please be patient and
let me know what you would like to see change!!
P.S. It may take a minute to load this page, i am working to trim down the load times,
thank you for understanding.

"Ode To The Cajuns"

What is a Cajun many people still do ask
To supply one with an answer is not an easy task
For a Cajun is the product of his heritage and this
land As this way of life is granted through
God's own hand.

From Acadia up north they were sent in exile
Forced here to south Louisiana thier fate to reconcile
And reconcile they did and now they are so proud
That praises to the Cajuns are shouted out loud.

From the swamps, bayous, marshes and the sea
These people have hunted and fished, and lived free
This mighty paradise so full of nature's treasures
Is one that sustains and also gives us many pleasures.

But the people are the real resource you see
For they are among the very best that can be
These folks love thier fun and really do care about
you This is the accepted philosophy of the bayou.

Cajuns are a very unique people in every respect
Just listen when they speak in their very own dialect
They speak of the joy of living and what its all about
"Laissez les bon temps rouler" is what they all shout.

Let the good times roll is what this phrase means
Its heard throughout south Louisiana down to New
Orleans This Cajun and this culture is unique as you
may find Why it is perhaps the best ever
invented by mankind.

** Author Unknown


May there be crawfish in your nets
And gumbo in your pot.
May the Sac-au-Lait be biting
At your favorite fishing spot.

May God's sun be shining brightly
When you need its cheerful rays.
May the oak tree shade you gently
On those lazy bayou days.

May a Bourree game be waiting
When all your work is through.
May the fais-do-do bring pretty girls
To toss a wink at you.

And when your time is over
And your place on earth is gone,
May you waltz right into heaven
To the tune of "Jolie Blonde."

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