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why i love justin sooo much?

First of all, I don't love Justin just because everyone else loves Justin, or just because he's cute. I look up to him as one of my role models. Truthfully, when I first saw *NSYNC, I could of cared less about who they were until I got to know them. It's not really Justin who touched my soul, it was all of them. I thought that it was so amazing how they worked so hard to live their dreams. How they put up with all the critism that haters of our teeny bopper world give them. What other people don't understand is that we need people like *NSYNC to set good examples in our lives. We need them to keep us going. To keep us happy when we're sad.

Anyway, Let me tell ya my story on how they inspired me. For a little while I was starting to head into the wrong crowd. Then one day, my friend just happens to be watching the diseny channel. I was on the phone and could care less about what she was tryin to get me to watch. She was goin crazy and I was just like shut up! anywayz... My friend got into nsync and I thought she was crazy! Then one day she made me watch the "tearin' up my heart" video. And I fell in love with Justin! It was tue love! hehee. Anyhow, I just started being a fan. And it just felt like I was connected to them in some way because I kept having all these coincidences like having everything in common with all of them. Especially Justin. First it was both of us loving baby blue. Then it was lovin NC and B-ball. Then it was lovin cereal and pasta. And then alwayz bein the youngest yet maturist. And with Lance it was Taz. With JC is was being the crative one and lovin Mint n' chip ice cream. and being too serious( my bad feature..hehee). I think ya get the point.

Anyhow,I love to dance, but I wasn't always the greatest dancer. I was a little stiff. But over the summer I pushed myself to dance and I managed to learn all of *NSYNC's dance moves. Now I can neva stay still!! hehee. That's one way they inspired me.

Anways... that was summer of '98. When school stated, I was an offical crazy *NSYNC fanatic. On the first day of school, I was werein an "I Love Justin necklace." When I went into my first class, I saw this girl named Stephanie(hey steph!) We never really talked that much before. Well, no one I knew, knew who Justin was, but when she saw my necklace, she was like, "I know who that is... It's Justin Timberlake, huh?" And we just started talkin about boybands. Then she ended up being the bestest friend I ever had, besides my friend Julie. I've made so many friends by just being a fan.
Whateva, I just kept bein the fan for over a year. But then...(finish this later, it's late.. need sleep) =)