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'NSYNC n Lawsuit mess stikes back
As most probably know, 'N sync anounced to MTV, earlier this month, that they were jumping record labels from RCA to Jive. RCA, Lou Pearlman, formaly known to the guys as "Big Pappa", and Trans Continental Records, reacted with a 150 million dollar breach of contract lawsuit. In order to drop the case, the guys would have to honer their contract with RCA and Trans Continental. Lou Pearlman claims to keep the group from existing. This, of course, left many fans, like myself, very furious.

Pearlam claims to still be, "tight with the boys." And claims that he did not want to sue the boys, but was forced to by RCA. "Suing them was the last thing I wanted to do."

However, JC Chasez and 'N Sync don't seem to share the feeling of friendship towards Lou Pearlman. JC decided to file a countersuit againt Pearlam, requesting 50 million dolloars in damages. JC states in his court papers that Lou Pearlman was an " Greedy and Unsrouplous businessman... while hugging us he was picking our pockets..."

Losing *NSYNC would probably disappoint many people inculding myself. And JC doesn't sound hopeful.

"We are aware that our careers may be brief. In truth, our fans made us who we are as long as we continue to give them the music they enjoy. Altough, we can not work with people who have lied to us and we refuse to be puppets on a string held by Lou Pearlman."

I'll be sure to keep you psted on every thing that happens. You can read more at

'N Sync wins a small victory!