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Me!!! Nan***JUS7INsync

Name: Nan S.
Nicknames: Autumn, Britney, Justin's girl, and Babygiggles
Birthdate:August 26, 1985
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Home: Los Angeles

So you want to know about me??? Well where should I start?? Hmmm well??? Ummm hmmmm.... Let's see... I've been an *Nsync fan since July 23, 1998. I've been to 8 concerts. I've converted most of my friends into *NSYNC fans. And everyone thinks I'm insane... which is true because I'm *NSANE for NSYNC!!!! hehee!!! I'm a freshmam at Marshall high school and I LOVE JUSTIN and NSYNC!!! Durrrr!!!! I think you knew that already!!!

My faves on *NSYNC
Nsync member: Justin
Nsync song: Music of my heart
Nsync video: I want you back
Nsync concert: The Arena tour(April)