How To Play - DVD

My guitar teaching is on three DVDs and is a little over five hours in length. It includes the theory of music, tuning the guitar, changing strings, and, in general, caring for the guitar. I will show you how scales, chords, and keys are made. There’s a section on fingerpicking, scales, power chords, rhythm, and transposing. Along the way, there’s a little nonsense, a few bloopers, and absolutely no bells and whistles. But it is all clear and concise and helpful for the beginning and intermediate guitar student. These DVDs come with the workbook and the price on the whole guitar series, including shipping, is $50.

The mandolin section is available on DVD and is about three hours in length. In the mandolin lessons, I include the theory of music, tuning the mandolin, scales, chords, rhythm, and transposing. This DVD comes with the workbook and, including shipping, the price is $25.

The bass DVD includes the theory of music, power chords, and scales. This DVD is about an hour and a half in length and comes with the workbook. The price, including shipping, is $25.

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