Tenor Guitars

Of all the tenors I have built, this is one of the few that is actually built with the body size of what we know as a tenor. Ian, who is from Australia but living in Houston and playing in a Hawaiian band, got me to build this. It's mostly some good looking maple, and Ian is one of the few people who has sprung for the extra money required for having a spruce top.

I have mostly built tenors for guys, so I'm glad to put Darcey's picture here with the tenor I built her. She's the one who makes this section pretty. Darcey is the bass player in the band Blind Ruby, and you can see their CD under my section "Rick's Picks". Darcey got me to build her a tenor with the Ambassador body, and she calls it her "heartfelt tenor". Between the inlay, sound holes, and strap buttons, I think we have something in the neighborhood of about 18 hearts on that guitar. This tenor has cherry for the sides, back, and neck, a western red cedar top, and rosewood bridge and fret board.

Iíve been building tenors with every possible body size: from the jumbo all the way down to the Sojourner. I have developed this body especially for tenors. Jeff, who has gotten me to build for him before, allowed me to experiment on him by being the first person to get my Translator model. And this one has one of my newest woods that I am offering. This guitar has a cypress top.

Every time I think Iíve built everything that can be thought of, somebody comes along to prove me wrong. Rich sings Dean Martin songs, and he sings like Dean Martin. He got me to build him a tenor. A tenor is a rare enough instrument as it is, but this is an 8 string tenor tuned in octaves. And the body is a jumbo. So thatís a whole lot of sound coming out of that guitar. You can catch up with Rich at http://www.amoredeanmartin.com/Rich%20as%20Rich.html, or rseven@optonline.net.

Tim, in Albq., NM, got me to build this tenor in December of í07. It has the sojourner body with a 22 3/8Ē string length, and it is tuned C G D a, as a mandola. It has a Venetian cutaway and has my standard wiring package. The sides, back and neck are cherry with a western red cedar top.

Dennis, from Stewart, OH, got me to build a left-handed tenor with the sojourner body. This is a long scale tenor with a 25 5/8Ē string length. It is a 6-string tenor with the bottom 2 strings doubled. The sides, back and neck are black walnut with a western red cedar top, and my standard wiring package.

Jeff, from Piscataway, NJ, has one of my tenors built with the ambassador body. It has a 22Ē string length. The sides, back and neck are pecan with a western red cedar top. Also, he got me to include a rosewood overlay on the headstock to match the bridge and fret board.

My tenor guitars start at $600, and they come in a very nice, thick, padded gig bag. I charge $50 to ship.