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I know I'm a small time builder. I build no more than 75 instruments a year. So the odds are you've never heard what one of my instruments sounds like. You can scroll down here, choose the instrument you want to hear, click, and listen. Now let me tell you some possible down sides. You'll see some songs there from Andrew Osenga of Caedmon's Call. Andrew Osenga has a mixing board and a studio that probably cost about a gazillion bucks. So when you hear his Sojourner, the possibility is that yours won't sound like what you hear unless you use the same quality equipment that he had. If you want to hear one of my mandolins, perhaps you'll click on the song "Be Thou My Vision" and listen to my daughter sing it. She and I were at a radio station one morning promoting the upcoming Life Choices concert and she and I played and she sang. Will your mandolin sound like hers? Well, it depends. Do you have the same sort of equipment the man in the radio station has? So even though you get to listen, there are still some subjective things going on. What is your playing style? What brand of strings do you prefer? So many things that I just can't account for. But listen and you'll get an idea.


Elloree Banjo - My banjo is unlike any other. I use a dobro resonator in it. Mike Terry plays one of my banjos, and he supplied me with this sound clip.

Hi Rick,

On our MySpace page is a video of one of our newest tunes and it features one of your dulcimers. I like the song and the sound.

All the best,


Dr. Stephen Luke plays several of my instruments. While playing ďO Sacred Head Now WoundedĒ, accompanied by flutist Kyla Palmer, down at the church house one Sunday, somebody recorded him. He was using one of my octave mandolins tuned like a uke. Request this file if you would like to hear it.

If you want to hear a sound clip of a guy playing a Sojourner I built for him, e-mail and let me know. Ask for Mikeís song. Itís a really good song, but the file is just too big to go on my site.

If you want to hear what one of my jumbo guitars sounds like, just ask. Iím bound to let you in on it. Paul, from Lake Charles, got me to build him a jumbo awhile back, and he sent me a file with two songs he did. Only the smallest and simplest of files will load up on my site. So, just request Paulís jumbo songs when you e-mail me, and Iíll get them to you..

Elloree Mandola - This is Scott Minter playing an Elloree Mandola. Scott is in a band called the Kate White band. The song they're playing is called "Old Joe Clark". Scott was playing through the sound system at his church. He uses John Pearce mandola strings and an LR Baggs Paracoustic DI preamp.

Elloree Mandolin & Elloree Guitar - This is Rick Felkel playing an Elloree guitar, & Nicole Neeley playing an Elloree mandolin & singing "Be Thou My Vision".

Andrew Osenga, from Caedmonís Call, plays a whole slough of my instruments. He sent us some samples of how each sounds. Keep in mind that the sound is more than just the instrument. It has to do with a personís abilities, the effects used, and the quality of a personís computer in reproducing these sounds.

Elloree Ambassador acoustic mandolin -


"O Jonny"

"soft & sad"

Elloree 12-string solid body mandoguitar -


"high & wet"


Elloree 30" string length solid body electric baritone guitar -




Elloree Sojourner acoustic guitar -



"free falling"

Elloree Guitar Style Electric Dulcimer - This is Eugene Jaimez playing an Elloree guitar style electric dulcimer. The name of his cd is Drone Axe, and the name of the song is "Calcutta Sweet".

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