Lap Steels

My biggest new offering for 2009 is the introduction of my lap steel guitars. I sort of stumbled into this one. It is my practice not to experiment on anyone. Generally, a new variety of instrument I build will be for me. However, in this case, a gentleman in Pontiac, Michigan got me to build the first two for him. His are the ones with the lightening bolts for sound holes. At present, this is the only body shape I am offering.

This instrument has a string length of 25 5/8". It is fretless with maple fret markers inlaid into the finger board. The entire instrument is a sound chamber, and it is 34" in length. It is 14 3/4" in the lower bout, 9 1/2" in the waist, and 10 1/2" in the upper bout. The body depth is somewhere in the neighborhood of 4".

There are a few different options a person can have on this lap steel. On my site, under the section called "Options," a person can see the different wood choices. When a person wants one wired, there are different pick-ups that can be had in the sound hole. I am not sure if this instrument will fit in a hard case of any description, but it will fit in a standard size guitar gig bag.

My lap steels will start at $650, plus shipping.