Just like every other banjo builder, I have an idea for the way I would like mine to look. I have no desire to look like Johnny-come-lately by building what we have enough of already. So here is my banjo offering. The body is almost the size of most full size banjos. It is 13 1/2" in diameter. I use a resonator cone with 2 optional string lengths. A person can have a 28" string length or 26 3/16". All 3 of these have maple bodies, but other wood choices are possible. I dub this banjo "The Sharecropper."

My banjos start at $700, plus shipping. Also, they could cost more, depending on what sort of options a person might want.

"Rick, I am glad you have finally gone public with your new banjo offering.

I have been a banjo picker for 25 years and I happened to have an opportunity to try one of the first prototypes. I can tell you this is a very sweet playing and sounding instrument. It has a very good feel and the action is low and easy and it has a unique sound that to me is like a cross between a banjo and a drobro. It would be at home in any country or bluegrass band or just enjoying at home.

This is an original concept as far as I know and I guarantee that there is nothing else like it out there that looks like it or sounds the same.

Rick has been making instruments for many years and knows what it takes to build in the kind of durability needed for professional applications at an affordable price.

I own a few guitars and banjos and I can tell you that this instrument is of a quality that you can take on the road and play it night after night and it would hold up. To be honest the easy playability and sweet sound has gotten me playing again. ~Mike"