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Almighty Latin Kings Nation

The Latin Kings are the largest Hispanic gang and are united under one leader. They do racially mix latins and whites. They are violent and will openly challenge prison staff. Insults could result in violent retribution. They have 3 levels #1 Inca, #2 Cacique, which is their warlords, #3 Royal Crowns. They organize like a business with treasurer, secretary and ambassador. THE A.L.K.N. Constitution I) CHICAGO is the motherland of the mother chapter of the Latin King Nation. (AMOR DE REY) Originated in Chicago, Latin Kings are 360 degree strong in knowledge, Understanding and respect. II) THE CROWN Once a brother is crown, He shall carry himself with a respect that no one can reach. His respect his shield and his sword is to all those who try to break him. A CROWN is worn in your mind as well in your heart as a symbol of victory, Honor and knowledge (ONCE YOU ARE CROWN YOU CAN NEVER BE UNCROWN.) (Unless other wise specified) III) THE FIVE POINT OF THE CROWN. 1.RESPECT 2.HONESTY 3.UNITY 4.KNOWLEDGE 5.LOVE RESPECT. is for your brother, the crown and the Nation. A brother respect will show high regard to the Nation. HONESTY. is marked by truth, your word is your crown and your crown is your nation. A king will live by his word UNITY. is in the condition of being united into a single whole one for all and all for one. THE CROWN SYMBOLIZE ONE PEOPLE-LATINOS. KNOWNLEDGE. is knowing of your lesson and prayers, gained through the study and experience of your nation. LOVE. Is what you carry in your heart for your brother and sister of this nation. IV) THE COLOR OF THE CROWN BLACK, GOLD, AND RED BLACK. is for the knowledge of our ancients and our superiors of our past. GOLD. is for the sun that shines on us and brings light to our crown. RED. is for the brothers who shed their life for the cause of our nation. YELLOW MAY BE WORN IF GOLD CAN NOT BE OBTAINED. V)NATIONS SUPERIORITY STRUCTURE. -----STONES OF SUPERIORS. 1-SUPREME FIRST CROWN.-------------------------------STONE BLACK. 2-SUPREME SECOND CROWN.---------------------------STONE WHITE. 3-SUPREME WARLORD.-------------------------------------STONE GREEN. 4-SUPREME CROWN OF ARMS.---------------------------STONE RED. 5-SUPREME CAPTAIN CROWN ADVISER.--------------STONE GOLD. CHAPTER. 1-FIRST CROWN.---------------------------------------STONE BLACK. 2-SECOND CROWN.-----------------------------------STONE WHITE. 3-WARLORD.---------------------------------------------STONE GREEN. 4-CROWN OF ARMS.----------------------------------STONE RED. 5-CAPTAIN CROWN ADVISER.---------------------STONE GOLD. VI) THE FIVE SMALL DIAMONDS OF THE CROWN. On the five points of the crown there are five small diamonds, these small diamond represents your five senses. 1. seeing 2. hearing 3. tasting 4. touching and 5. smelling. Which makes a man complete as well as our crown. VII) A KING. NEVER CROSSES HIS ARMS WITH HIS LEFT OVER HIS RIGHT, AND A KING NEVER COVERS HIS RIGHT BECAUSE HIS RIGHT HAND REPRESENTS HIS CROWN VIII)WHEN SALUTING. making a fist with your right hand(CROWN), you hit across your chest then extending out into the three points is your salute represents your willingness to die for your brother, your crown and the nation. IX)A KINGS WOMAN. is his queen. She will honor you as you honor your crown. Forever with total and absolue respect. PRAYERS Latin King Family God please care for this family as your family of these saints, give the strength among us all to help each other until no end is amplify. Our kings by our race in multitude and fill us with joy that only you can give, thanks be to god. Amor De Rey Have Mercy Have mercy our father on our enemy, Open the door that he may be my friend. If he acts right, I will be decent if he acts bad he soon shall repent, give me your blessing. Amor De Rey Mortal Warrior I am a Latin King in every moment. Protecting my crown with all my life, it is my sacrifice in every mission to be readily available until death rendering my heart of thee I ask our heavenly father forgive my sins and free my soul. Amor De Rey Family Our name are as our father named us, we are yesterday, today and tommorow. almighty father, king of kings, hear us as we come to you in one mind, body and soul. In true wisdom, respect, knowledge and understanding, bless our chief as one as they are and always been. Bless our warriors that they maybe stron in war and also in peace. Bless the nation of the almighty Latin Kings for we realize that you are the best and wise of all seeing eyes. for we are and shall always remain your chosen people of the lion tribe, the sun tribe and the most holy tribe under the sun, At prayers we stand upright with our right fist across our heart up to 360 strong of kings wisdom, we are and always remain your chosen people, we are yesterday, today and tommorow, Latin people forever Amor De Rey Our Father Our father King of Kings, you can have my heart at your will and let your sun shine upon our colors as your sun shines upon the earth. Amor De Rey Prayer for Deceased Recieve this soul, Our heavenly father as you recieve our body in life, we share this love of our grief and with his love we will follow. God bless you. Amor De Rey -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Parts to the Crown Respect-Consist of black, this is a first stage of a king uprise. An awareness of the experience of this nation. Black represents the respect he has for his crown & nation & study of our history & nations custom. A king is given this sacred crown for the respect he has for his brothers, crown & nation. Honesty-Consist of one black & one gold all the way around. This crown represents a balance that has been created between a brother knowledge & a brother respect thus able to express himself with sincerity of honesty that is marked by a king's life. Unity-Consist of 5 black & 5 gold all the way around this crown represents one people(latinos) Amor De Rey! This crown represent one for all & all for one Knowledge-Consist of 15 black & 1 Gold all the way around, this sacred crown represents a kings experience of the knowledge he has gained of his nation. Love-Consist of 15 gold & 1 black all the way around, this crown represents love the most fundamental kind of love by this I mean sense of responsibility to love any human-being, our A.L.K.N. & any creature on this world, love is also stable ability of commitment to our nation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALMIGHTY LATIN KING NATION Lessons 1) The Puerto Rican Flag A. Red-The Blood B. White-The Peace C. Blue-Liberty/The Ocean THE FIVE POINTS OF THE STAR RERESENTS THE COLONIES OF THE FIVE ISLAND 1)Peurto Rico 2)Cuba 3)Jamaica 4)Haiti 5)Dominica Republic The Puerto Rican Flag is respected as if it was your crown, because your crown represents your nation. This flag represents the majority of the "Almighty Latin King Nation". 2) The Body- The entire physical structure, the whole frame which is 360 complete, respect your body and treat it well for its this body that walks you through the nation. a Kings body is his armor and protector of the heart and soul. 3) The Heart- Is the central force of your body and nation. The heart gives life to you body as it protets your nation. 4) The Soul- Is your being of expressing a deep feeling. The life and spirit of your nation. 5) The Nation- People organized under a single government and race. "Latinos" we are brothers who came together to form a antion of respect, knowledge, honesty, unity and love... (Amor De Rey) 6) Violation: is a justice given by the first crown for abusing or breaking a law of your chapter or a action that does not represent a "king".( A violation can be a hit or a fine) 7) Probation: is a period of no less then two weeks and no more then two months instead of a hit or a fine a brother can be put on probation or get it all. 8) 1st Crown(Primera Corona): (President of the Chapter) His word is law and dominant over every word or proposal mentioned. Leader and organizer of the serving chapter. 9) 2nd Crown(Secunda Corona): (Vice President of the Chapter). His word is law and dominant over every word or proposal mentioned except for the Primers Corna. 10) Warlord: Minister of Defense and between opposing outsiders and insiders. Keeps record of all defense materials and enemy opposers. I rather die on my feet then to live on my knees... 11) Latin Kings will do their best to learn their heritage & culture. 12) A king is the foundation of his family he must provide structure & order plus build & multiply 13) Education expands the capacity of a kings knowledge forever. 14) Understanding of one's knowledge and actual application forever. 15) Respect is the appreciation of one's knowledge & understanding forever. 16) Four members of the executive board will make & see to it's implementation of all decisions concerning the govering of our residing chapter. 17) The 1st crown will lead the nation & the executive board. His word is law and shall always be respected. 18) SunKing / Godfather - A position of knowledge. A supreme king counsel. 19) Supreme King - leads more than one chapter. He leads & governs all 1st crown. 20) Ancient King is a brother who has moved on or is inactive. A king with many years of knowledge. 21) A king will fast for 2 days, 24 times a year. The 2 days will be on the 11th & 12th of every month. L&K are the 11th & 12th letters of the alphabet, the fast will start at dawn & end at dusk. 22) A king shall give offering to his nation. 23) A prince/prospect will be sponsered by a king, who has learned the lesson. 24) Any king who violates the crown or nation will be severly penalized by the brother or executive board. 25) A king will never be alone, a king is blood, family and of the nation! 26) A king blood is sacred, it will live forever, the blood that flows through his heart is the river of life that keeps the nation 360 strong!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laws and Rules No king will swing or hurt another king without proper authorization. (proper authorization will be that of all officers, after investigation) One meeting per week, usually Saturday or Sunday. One meeting for officers only! The other with swords, upon officer request, swords will guard, guards are required at all times. Kings must stay together, at least walk in two's Extortion is out! Homo's are out! Shooting up is out! Smoking drugs is out! Smoking drugs from a pipe is out unless it's weed or hash! Disrespecting a Kings wife or mistress is out! Gambling is out! Playing and joking is out! No putting no god, family, religion before the nation! Black and gold jackets or sweaters and vice/versa. Dues (1) pack, one each commissary and ect...if possible. Writing to you brother in the nation: When you write to someone in the nation always use black ink, only! Use a different color ink if your in a situation where you can't, then you write with what ever you have, giving your brother your apology. When starting a scrib, start it like this: I come to you with my right fist upon my heart, for sincerity, right up to 360 of strong king wisdom for: Respect, Honesty, Unity, Knowledge and Love, Boom! (Amor De Rey). When ending your scibe you end it like this: I'm signing off with my right fist upon my heart for sincerity, right up to 360 degrees of strong king wisdom, Boom! Amor De Rey