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"The Smooth Tip"
written by Teena Marie
©1994 Midnight Magnet (ASCAP)

This is a story about 2 Lovers
Who went their separate ways
Impassioned lovers wrestling as one
The Smooth Tip

Common sense may tell me that the ending will be blue
Listening to my friends all goes up in smoke
When I'm making love to you
No one knows how you do your thing
I'm a puppet on a string
Cause still waters run deep and kisses never lie
And daylight turns to darkness
Hummingbirds do fly
And if I loved you too much baby,
when you touched me there
It really doesn't matter

Just do it, do it
Do it to me on the smooth tip
Can't nobody groove me like you do
Do it to me on the smooth tip
Cause I'm down for you
I just got caught up in a triangle my dear
You took me in your arms, held me nice and tight
Then you ran away from here
Steal my heart and then you rob me blind
But no one in the world is that fine
Cause violets are blue
And roses are red
And I forgave all of your shortcomings once in the bed
And even though you never touched my sensitivity
I've got to admit it
You did it to me on
The smooth tip, smooth tip baby
Can't nobody groove me like you do
Do it to me on the smooth tip
Cause I'm down for you
Nice and easy, so bittersweetly
You did me on the smooth tip -- I was down for you
And even though I may not kiss
those sweet lips again
I'll never forget you did me on the smooth tip
Ooh child, come here
And let me whisper something in your ear
Smooth -- I am smooth as silk baby

I never could deny you, baby, baby, sugar
I'm giving you, giving you --
giving you something you can feel
Baby making music -- music to make love by
Hearts so full of passion, you know what I am asking
Only you can satisfy

Lyrics have been reprinted here for informational resource purposes only.

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