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"Cassanova Brown"
written by Teena Marie
©1983 Midnight Magnet Music Publishing (ASCAP)

*The word "Casanova" is really spelled with one "S," but in an effort to reprint the lyrics exactly as they are from the album sleeve, I have left all spellings of "Casanova" as they appear in the album, with the incorrect spelling of 2 "S"es. (Thanks, Sara!)

My baby's fine
He always keeps me guessing
But never keeps me guessing
About this love
He's had more girls
Than Howard Hughes had money
And you may think it funny
When I say he loves me only
But who are you to say
What he does when I'm not around
Just because I fell in love
with Cassanova Brown

Act II, Scene V
It's my command performance
My name is Clara Voiance
And it's all too deep
I was the one
Who said tune in tomorrow
I love to the bone marrow
Even when I am asleep
And who were you to say
What I did when you weren't around
Just because I fell in love
with you Cassanova Brown

Standing room only
The concert's sold out
Everyone's there for the party
The hush turns to a shout
Everyone's got a piece of the pie
Of you and I
But nobody knows when the lights dim down
That the tears flow harder than the
whole damn crowd
"Throwin' down" my love
Was just about all I could do
Wasn't I the one who said,
I'll have my cake and eat it too
Just couldn't wait any longer
You pushed till I was through
I loved you so
It hurt me, but I had to let --
let you go

Did you hear me crying, baby
It sounded a little bit like this ...
You didn't have to make me cry
Tell me daddy, I ask you why
It's over, it's over, it's over,
it's over
Over before the love turns to hate
Let it end and let's still be friends
Ooo ooo ooo ...

Lyrics have been reprinted here for informational resource purposes only.

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