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Acidic Trip

And here it is...What you've all been waiting for...The Acidic trip Cafe...For those who know me-you know i cannot do a web page without an area for poetry and such. Here's how it works. Here you will read a gaggle of poetry written by many different crazies such as yourself. I would love it ever so much if you would e-mail me some of your poetry so that I can put that on my page. If you'd like it ever so much to see your poetry works here (and I know you do) then mail them to me or put them on the guest book or whatever. You'll find a way to come through for me. So let the Poems Begin(Laugh Dammit).


  • Crystalline Dolphin's fins
  • shimmer and spread in tainted skin
  • Coiling snakes don't bite
  • though sharp are fangs and costumes tight
  • You don't believe I'm emerging
  • I'm merely hidden, while still urging
  • On simple things that we don't need
  • Our voices are doggie treats for the souls we feed
  • Here you are leahing, dripping
  • Faucets in the eyes still tripping
  • Playing a trick, a prank
  • I held you high, yet you still sank
  • Swallow the breeze in gulps
  • mashed-mallows squeezed in pumpkin pulps
  • Alpha who bets he knows and sees
  • But as the world pauses and prepares-You Sneeze

  • BY Darma Gregg, Atlanta 11/16/99

    "Goodbye My Son"

  • The woman reaches up
  • but pulling her son from the fire that enfolds his body
  • Her tear stained eyes seem to plead to the air
  • but going unnoticed
  • The sounds of crickets is musical
  • But it is the music of death
  • Her son's hand is wrenched from her grasp
  • Leaving her in torrents of rain
  • Ticker in the ear
  • A sight unable to be seen again
  • Farewell

    Written by Putrid Poison while she was tripping in the early hours right after a rave.

  • New Orleans, Louisiana 2-27-00

    "THE WAR"

  • The Dove above, a shattered wing so crucial to its flight
  • Instead of beating at its heart, it pecks to stop the sight
  • Of hollowed graves and crispy trees and splattered blood about
  • And if the Dove still had its voice, he'd scream or yell or shout
  • The last survivor on this plane, The Dove drove quite insane
  • So off he went to tell the world, 'tis why he can't be tamed.

    By Laurel 12/15/99

  • Crispy trees huh? Well I have nothing to say 'bout that one. But I loved the imagery. Call me when you get home. Smooches, Bye.


  • Bubble over onto skin
  • Froth and foam and cleanse and then
  • Eat away a work of days
  • Help add shine, keep dirt away
  • Pink and white and yellow color
  • Now the pain's a little duller
  • Rinses away like waves from shore
  • So exciting you do it more
  • Water cool against my skin
  • There's that brilliant shine again

  • By ME, .12-99. I know it sound kinda cheesy, but I think it's quaint. You have to agree.:-)


  • A Dream
  • A dream is just a never ending story
  • Purple mist streaming from bright couds of silver
  • Rain falling warm on flowers w/ unremembered names
  • Plants budding and blooming in the time of an hour
  • The sun changing color with the season
  • The grass always a brilliant green
  • The ground a pre a delicate white
  • Never a speck if dirt on th world
  • A dream's a never ending story

    By Kaley Myers of Jackson 2-24-00

  • "Instant Message"

  • Unlace me quicker than the laces untie
  • glowsticky coldeness, your hand inside me
  • leaves on your hair my nose runs
  • touch me and leave a burn, I know you touched
  • big pants pizza boy, and I love inly you, Sarah
  • and your funky breath
  • White ceiling constant connection I try and you're not there
  • You're never there except for whn you are
  • and then you're thinking about the glowstick coldness
  • and Sarah
  • my face burns where your hands used to be
  • said you loved me and the suns moved
  • when you were with me and popcorn
  • butter tastes nicer when it's on you
  • Sometimes it's strange and sometimes it's so damn clear
  • sometimes I confuse you and yoour high mind
  • and sometimes I laugh a bellie laugh
  • Clove smoke in my mouth
  • You're on my mind.

    Written By pinestorm@hotmail.com10/22/99


  • Little boy with your video games-you shouldn't be in such a hurry-Girlfriends aren't always icecream-Stay your pure self-Girlfriends are nothing but trouble
  • Girls catch you with their glittering eyes and sparkling wine laughs, So that you can't help but stare at them endlessly-hoping your concentration will break through the glaze and see what's really there-You don't really want to know. Really.
  • Then they take your heart bit by bit and eat it while it's still beating-You don't realize it till one day when you can't break away from them, because they've got a part of you inside of them-They'll vomit it at your fet someday
  • And when you finally make love to them, whether it be physically or mentally, that's when you're gone-You're lost inside of her during the midnight hour-During the day-You trip over her laying in your thoughts
  • Your alluring love-Gone-And your friends wonder where you are-You don't care about anything else-They laugh at you in their sleeve
  • Little boy, don't give yourself up-Stay with your video games and food and female free internet-and remain a happy cabbage

    written by pinestorm@hotmail.com10/25/99

  • "Coffee Break"

    Timely answers
    accurate service
    "welcome to this cafe`
    may i take your order?"
    sin flavored expresso
    Shit-look at theis mess, oh!
    "that'll be your soul"
    leave a tip
    "here you are
    your dark confection"
    look at this floor
    an acute neglection
    Rectum rooms
    No toilet paper mache`
    the hole stopped up
    No flushing constipation
    I'm draining the Cafe` au Lait
    from my ass
    Smells like heaven
    "come back soon"

    By Rainbow brite @


  • fuzzy navel poke at me
  • skinned head bangers
  • flinging sweat my way
  • I'm trapped inside this
  • posh-mosh pit
  • blood and sweat and tears
  • fuzzy wuzzy was a bear
  • hair is there and there and there
  • shedding on my pussy cat
  • I'm drowning in the fur
  • hairy bears sing
  • do rae me-see
  • fuzzy cares
  • and little bears
  • rainbow bright
  • and smurf delite
  • cartoon network's off the air
  • and guess what-Idon't even care

    By Rainbow brite @

  • "TORI"

    She's my wet dream
    Wetter than it seems
    Head of Fire
    And if she could
    I would
    We should
    I've only loved one other
    Eyes like comets
    Falling up
    Abrupt stop on my roof
    Dear Santa,
    I've been really good
    all I want for Christmas
    Is this pixie in disguise
    Please mommy, can I keep her
    She's the heroin of my nightmares
    The keeper of my heart
    But of course as I made my wish
    I forgot to throw my penny in the fountain

    By Rainbow brite @

  • Little Kitty

  • My cheesy poofs
  • You bad little kitty
  • You lick at tuna
  • I feel no pity
  • You should have known
  • It would be like this
  • I laugh and stare
  • Do you like fish?
  • Meow you say
  • What do you mean?
  • It's a stuffed mouse
  • Now aren't you keen
  • You fuzzy ball
  • Of fur and must
  • But even so
  • You have my trust

    By KaNdy@

    Women Are Wonderful

  • Everday I give thanks to the Goddess
  • I have two mounds upon my bodice
  • I shave my legs, I sit down to pee
  • I can justify any shopping spree
  • Not to a barber, but a beauty salon
  • Can get a massage without a hard on
  • Can balance the checkbook, pump my own gas
  • Can talk to my friends about the size of my ass
  • I always save money by using coupons
  • Can admit to others when I am wrong

  • Don't drive in circles at any cost
  • So I don't have to admit when I am lost
  • Don't act like I'm in a timed marathon
  • Every time I go to the john

  • Let me tell you men
  • Listen to me boys
  • Those things in your pants
  • That you treat as toys
  • You love them more then we ever will
  • We would rather suck on a cold pickled dill

  • I spend two hours preparing for a date
  • Only to find you're two hours late
  • I don't watch movies with lots of gore
  • Don't need instant replay to remember the score

  • I won't lose my hair
  • I don't get jock itch
  • And just cause I'm assertive
  • Don't call me a bitch

  • I don't wear the same underwear everyday
  • The food in my fridge has no sign of decay
  • I don't go to Sears
  • To look at the tools
  • I don't cheat at poker
  • I follow the rules

  • I don't smoke cigars
  • Don't pay for drinks at a bar
  • I don't think I'm better
  • I know it by far

    This poem I got last year and I don't know who from and it's Not even finished.So I couldn't say anything about it.


    • black
    • grounds
    • hot
    • water
    • through
    • drip
    • and it is good
  • by Miss Lady


  • staring at the tree
  • how can you be two things at once?
  • It answers not, but I understand it's silence
  • peaceful is nature as the electricity courses
  • through my veins
  • conduits
  • i feel reality
  • the fourth dimension
  • I am one with all and all is one with me
  • can we stop this insanity?
  • or will be on this trip
  • for eternity?

  • Miss Lady

  • When caffeine doesn't cut it anymore -Niccotene is bangign at the door -The savior is waiting there in the fridge -Stick out your tongue it's medicine kids

    one verse from a song yet again by the infamous miss lady


    • You're the gum stuck to the bottom of my sole
    • and the mildew on my lunch
    • You're the fly on my french role
    • and the bug that just went "crunch"
    • You're the green between my teeth
    • and the grime under my nails
    • You're my old dead dog that reeks
    • and the slime that covers snails
    • You're the shit in my gerbil cage
    • and the black on my white socks
    • You're the orange stuff stuck to this page
    • and the larvae under rocks
    • You're the pain in my shin
    • and the corns on my feet
    • You're the blister on my chin
    • and the piss on my sheet
    • You're the crust on my drawers
    • and the hemorroids on my bum
    • You're the mud on my floors
    • Simply put: I think you're scum



  • Whatever "yes" means
  • "No" means the same
  • So suddenly I fill the void
  • With positively negative replies
  • Slap a palm with asplintered ruler
  • And bury treasure
  • With bossoms of sand
  • Whatever "I" means
  • "You" means the same
  • And suddenly I fill the air
  • With confusing acknowledgements
  • Kick in the ass with a spur
  • And sleep fitfully in
  • This constipated world
  • That encircles the galaxies vastness
  • With crusted palms
  • And blistered fingers


    Twinkling little stars
    weep and mourn for the death of nightfall
    children laugh and cry and scream in joy
    for now they walk not crawl
    piano keys hum a slow tune
    happiness spreads through the eyes
    and while the breeze blows through the trees
    the wind sighs
    every so often ther'e a hollow
    moan from the weary earth
    to exclaim and celebrate a new and extraordinary birth
    tempted as the tears are to flow from hearts
    so are the eyes marveling
    as they're broken into parts

    Do this Cause it's fun!

    Lookie what people say 'bout me

    What do you have to say?

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