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Okay yall, check this out. I've got some info on some of the more well known DJs and where you can find their web pages w/more information. Read on.

  • DJ RAP Charissa Saverio, also known as DJ Rap, has for the last eight years been the undisputed queen of the hardcore and drum'n'bass turntables. She's become a prime mover, the prime female mover in fact, on the hardcore, jungle and drum'n'bass scenes that have shaped the last ten years of her and countless other lives. As a producer, she's consistently rolled out the tracks that have made the rave scene rock: from 1990's Ambience - The Adored to 1993's Spiritual Aura and 1996's Roughest Gunark. As a DJ: her intuitive orchestrations between incendiary, impacting jump-up percussion and the sheerest, sensual, ambient effervescence have made her intensely female sets penetrate deep into the hearts of the nations' clubbers and ravers. And that's just the beginning. For DJ Rap is about to move far beyond the realm of drum'n'bass. This extraordinary girl, with her extraordinary story is about to release an album that way surpasses the incredible acheivements she's already amde. DJ Rap is about to unveil a surprising and inspiring long player of songs, live instrumentation, breakbeats, guitar band eloquence, trance, ambience and her own vocals, that's gonna set the world on fire. DJ Rap is about to come into her own.

    Like I said before, forget Girl Power. You ain't seen nothing yet. D.J. RAP

  • E:Trinity e:trinity is otherwise known as musician/producer elson trinidad. introduced to drum n bass via acid jazz music and the u.k. jazz-inspired jungle of photek, roni size, 4hero and alex reece, he distances himself from the usual dark hardstep sounds not by intent but by nurture. call it alienation, call it rebelliousness, call it what you will, but e:trinity's different and distinct perspective on the drum n bass sound has inspired his direction and his music, whether it is reacting to the apparent absence of american drum n bass producers, relaying his native multicultural los angeles experiences or calling upon his ethnic roots (on the track "sinulog2000," the sound of the kulintang, a philippine gong instrument, is prevalent). the "trinity" of e:trinity's music encompasses spiritual, timbral and geographical definitions: namely, the soul of america, the electronic beats of europe and the sounds of asia. e:trinity also functions as a live unit, with the addition of wendell pascual on spoken word, rhymes and ethnic percussion and dj dino santos on turntables.

    e:trinity's "Various shades of blue" comes out April 2000 E:TRINITY

  • Lysergic Andy Rementer (aka:Lysergic) is an original drum and bass producer, and performing artist. His unique sound, a mixture of new darkside and original drum and bass is extremely original and hard hitting. Lysergic first started his producing only a few years ago when he started making beats and lead lines on a MC 303 and a JP8000 keyboard. He started making house and trance beats and later shifted to jungle. Over time his laboratory, or sound station has grew and he is coming up with new sounds and rythyms day after day. The digi child, Lysergic, and his M.C, Mr. Majesty, have performed many jungle parties and raves in the past few years. A few of the parties have been played with some well known and up and coming drum and bass DJ's and MCs(Kark K, The Dub2 MC, DJ Sine, J-Smooth, Kpakpo, to name a few) LYSERGIC

  • SubZero Sub Zero was 15 when his career as a DJ started with two belt drives - at home. His early influences were electro, hip hop and dub reggae. He has been playing jungle in Brighton since 1993 and is now renowned for scratch mixing jungle, from Jazz Step to Hardstep. Sub Zero has played for Spiral Tribe, Starseed Communications, Interdance, Kaos FM, Freedom FM, Active Bold FM, and most recently at Steppaz Convention. Sub Zero has produced 3 tracks, which were released on his own label - junglejuice - and recently produced another 2 for CD Rom games awaiting release. SUB ZERO

  • Basement Jaxx Basement Jaxx History Basement Jaxx's new single "Red Alert" might be their first single for Astralwerks/XL Recordings, but Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe have been honing their unique brand of punk garage? for more than five years. Basement Jaxx first started as an ideal, as an attempt to get back to the roots of house, to the original jack-your-body all night long abandon of the Chicago loft parties. Even before they released their first EP in 1994, Felix and Simon had thrown the first illegal Basement Jaxx parties in a dodgy Mexican restaurant in pre-gentrified Brixton, London. The dubious attentions both of the police and the local crack dealers soon put a stop to that, but by then the pair were ensconced in Simon's (then literally) bedroom studio, cooking up a mix of New York house with London club attitude. That was four years ago. When they started out, it might have been out of a desire to emulate their Stateside heroes, but Felix and Simon have long since left any comparisons behind. Basement Jaxx aren't boasting but merely restating the facts when they admit that now, there are no boundaries to break but their own. Their contemporary Thomas Bangalter, one of the driving forces behind both Daft Punk and Stardust, said recently that Basement Jaxx was the only new music he could be bothered to listen to. Basement Jaxx

  • Doc Martin Most of the new breed of jet setting club and rave DJs come from such cities as New York, London and Chicago, but Doc Martin hails from Los Angeles re-presenting the West Coast worldwide. Doc Martin began his mission on the decks back in the summer of 1986. His focus on house music from the land of funk and disco, was triggered while playing the club and warehouse scene in San Francisco. As one of the major players in laying the foundations of a strong West Coast dance scene, Doc has always been a master of mixing the crowd with the music. Neatly avoiding pigeonholing, while embracing a myriad of different styles, his set creates a warm unique vibe of empathy on the dance floor. Doc’s legendary 8 hour sets at Flammable Liquid, Sunday Love, to the most underground lofts, and warehouse parties know no colors, age or sexual orientation. Not only does he regularly devastate dance floors in prestigious clubs like New York’s Twilo and Liverpool’s Cream, to the smallest loft parties, but he can also send a crowd of ravers into a euphoric groove. That’s rare these days in a scene where there are sizable walls between the two ends of the dance music spectrum. Doc Martin

  • DJ Kazimir DJ/PRODUCER KAZIMIR learned his ropes from Prince Paul and the RZA while interning at the Firehouse Recording studio in Manhattan. During his study at New York University's film school he released his first single DEAR PRUDENCE (Smile Recordings 10") . The song created a buzz in the underground and got the attention of the mainstream when interviewed by MTV News. Kazimir then put film school on hold to engineer an album project for Atlantic Records. (Spy - Music to Mauzner By) The rest of his time went to DJ'ing at parties such as Jungle Nation & Nite Strike, and co-hosting Velocity, a weekly drum and bass show on with DJ Dara and Sean Shooter. As soon as he finished with Spy, he returned to the jungle to produce BURN, a drum n' bass dance floor smasher which DJ AK1200 licensed for Lock & Roll, a CD compilation released on Moonshine Music. He then joined vocalist Carol C. to form Sisé, a multilingual electronica band which recently signed to David Byrne's label, Luaka Bop. However, after a few live shows with the band, Kazimir realized that the studio, and not the stage, was his true home. KAZIMIR

  • Dimitri-Amsterdam Dimitri Kneppers, world reknown DJ, Producer, Remixer started his musical career in 1983 at the age of 16, mixing funk and hip-hop tracks for the Dutch radio station ABC. Two years later his involvement with Dutch's famous hip-hop band "Freakaristic" gained Dimitri national fame as one of the best scratchers in Holland. With this on his track record, Dimitri made his first appearance in 1988 at the newly opened house temple "Roxy" in Amsterdam which is to this day one of Europe's leading dance Mecca's. Over ten years later, Dimitri still calls the "Roxy" home where he displays his unique music style playing a diverse blend of Trance, House, Jungle and Breakbeat. Following his success in 1989, Dimitri was the pioneer in mixing the first DJ-mixed dance compilation CD which is now seen as a standard industry format. By 1991, Dimitri is already playing partys in Ibiza and starts his own label "BeST" (Beautiful Soul Techno). The label has its own definitive sound, which is immediately emulated in US Techno Music town number one, Detroit. In December 1992, Dimitri becomes co-owner of now famous, record label and shop "Outland Records". 1993, Dimitri mixes and releases three Outland compilations and still finds time to play in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Finland and in the Caribbean. In 1994 club anthems such as "Disco Train" and "Fluid Harmony" as well as remixes of the Chanelle hit song "Work that Body" and "Romy Luna" made him an internationally recognized superstar. 1995 brings Dimitri a residency at the famous UK club Renaissance alongside John Digweed & Sasha. Music magazines all over the world acclaim Dimitri as one of the best DJ's and in particular UK's premier music magazine "Mixmag" voted Dimitri as one of the best ten DJs in the world ! 1997, Dimitri invades America on a grand scale.... Two major ICU-tours in North American with over 25 dates. Later that same year he starts his monthly residency at America's premier club TWILO alongside Sasha & Digweed and Carl Cox. 1998, Dimitri continues to perform at North America and Europe's biggest and most established events and is voted among the world's best once again. Dimitri

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